Tons of new video, taking you deeper into some very highly anticipated films, have hit the web this week. Take a look...

Movie PictureKill Bill Vol. 2: The new, full length trailer for the follow up to Quentin Tarantino's action extravaganza, Kill Bill is now online! If you're a fan of any sort of action, you're going to love this new trailer!

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CLICK HERE to check out the trailer right now!Movie PictureAlien vs. Predator: A second featurette entitled, "The Making of the Creatures", is now online from the film! Get a glimpse into the production of the monsters on the set of one of the most highly anticipated match-ups of all time!

CLICK HERE to watch the video!Movie PictureVan Helsing: A new featurette entitled, "Paying Tribute to the Past", is now online for the upcoming Universal monster hunter flick, Van Helsing, starring Kate Beckinsale and Hugh Jackman!

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