Spider-man 2: Tons of people are scooping sites all over the web about recent sighting of the Spider-man 2 production. We've got a list of links for you to check out:

First up, LatinoReview got some inside info on some fake train station settings around NYC, CLICK HERE

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Secondly, Superherohype have scored enormous amounts of set photos from the upcoming sequel! CLICK HERE

Third, Ain't It Cool News has a very extensive set report along with some new pics from Chinatown... CLICK HERE

Lastly, our very own scooper in NYC, 'DaveJ' has dropped in to report some shooting going on tomorrow:

"They are shooting 4/22 3pm to 5am. Major lighting of the whole building. They are supplying opaque fabric to residents who need to block out the light. They also mention "lightning effects" coming from two buildings in the area. They are blocking off parking on the streets from 41st to 46th on Second ave, as well as all of Tudor City Place, and cross streets."

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