According to Variety, helmer Todd Haynes is attracting a raft of stars -- including Cate Blanchett, Colin Farrell, Adrien Brody, Richard Gere, Julianne Moore and Charlotte Gainsbourg -- to his I'm Not There, an unconventional film bio of Bob Dylan. Deals are not set in stone, but financing on the pic is expected to coalesce in Cannes.

As envisioned by writer-helmer Haynes, the pic follows seven characters, each embodying a different aspect of Dylan's life story and music. Pic is the first biographical feature project to secure the approval of the pop culture icon.

The filmmakers plan a fall start, but skedding could be the key to keeping the stars lined up for Haynes' dream pic. The helmer has been toiling on the Dylan concept for years; he began formulating the feature prior to his 2002 effort Far From Heaven.

Reps for the actors said they are not officially attached until the pic's financing falls into place. However, sources close to the production feel confident the slated elements will stick, and Haynes was in Gotham taking meetings recently.

Killer has Dylan's bio rights. The songwriter's autobiography "Chronicles, Volume One" was published in October.