X-Men 2: Wanna see a cool picture of Magneto? CLICK HERE

Hellboy: Wanna see a cool picture of Wayne Barlow's character art of Hellboy? CLICK HERE

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The Animatrix: Want to see some 3D models of the characters in The Animatrix? CLICK HERE to check some out! Thanks to The Matrix Online.

Images:The Latino Review has scored a slew of new photos from a bunch of upcoming films. Take a look:

CLICK HERE for Swept Away stills!

CLICK HERE for Half Past Dead stills!

CLICK HERE for Adaptation stills!

CLICK HERE for 8 Crazy Nights stills!

CLICK HERE for Chambermaid stills!

The Cat In The Hat:Coming Attractions have scored a scoop from an on set scooper from the upcoming Cat In The Hat film:

I had a chance to check out the set for The Cat in the Hat filming at Universal. It is set next to the old Phantom Of the Opera set, and dwarfs it in its size. It looked to be about 2 stories high with 4 or 5 wooden rooms connected to each other on each story (as if they are planning to run from room to room in one shot?) Not too much info but thought you might find it interesting.

Ecks vs. Sever:CHUD has posted their interview from Comic-Con with Lucy Liu, Ray Park, & director KAOS. CLICK HERE to take a look!

X-Men 2:CHUD has also posted their interview with X-Men/X-Men 2 director, Brian Singer. CLICK HERE

Alexander The Great: Right now Leonardo DiCaprio is in talk with the producer's of the film to start in Baz Luhrmann's epic.

He-Man: The animated movie: The movie airs this Friday on the cartoon network, but you don't have to wait to get some of the 'power of Greyskull'...He-man.org has the trailer up now!

The Hulk:Coming Attractions has reported that the reason no one has seen the CGI form of the Hulk yet is because they can decide on which model they like best. Funny...

Serving Sara: Everyone's favorite French movie site, Cinemovies, has posted 4 Quicktime clips from the upcoming comedy starring Elizabeth Hurley. CLICK HERE to watch these suckers!

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