Punk band Mean Jeans has a new hit single out, and it's all about everyone's favorite party pizza. This isn't an official Super Bowl commercial, but it will make you incredibly hungry and ready for snacks during the big game.

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SNL found viral success with their Totino's spoof ads that dropped during previous Super Bowls over the past couple of years. And there's sure to be another one tonight with host Natalie Portman.

Mean Jeans takes their love for the delicious cheese covered cardboard to the next level, offering a Tim and Eric inspired song that will definitely get stuck in your head. Tim and Eric actually got paid for their Totino's commercials, though.

Mean Jeans isn't ripping off Tim and Eric, as some might be quick to accuse them of. They actually have an entire album of product placement jingles that is part comedy gold, part true punk rock. And it's all just a little bit crazy.

Mean Jeans hail from Portland, Oregon. Their new LP is literally 23 unsolicited jingles for 'the sickest companies and products' that no one asked for. The band has songs for Coors Light, Mountain Dew, and Camel cigarettes. And every one of them will get stuck in your head. Enjoy their first single, with the new record out on February 16 from Fat Wreck Chords, home of Fat Mike.

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