Patton Oswalt's daughter Alice is off to a great start with her skateboarding endeavors, as her famous father enlisted pro skater Tony Hawk to help with her very first lesson. Over the weekend, Oswalt took to Twitter to post a series of photos of Alice in her protective equipment with her skateboard, taking some advice directly from Hawk himself in one of the images. "Took Alice for her first skateboarding lesson today," Oswalt said in the caption, including the hashtag #unhumblebrag. It made for a truly awesome moment, and you can catch a peek at it below.

Oswalt's wife, Meredith Salenger, also posted about the occasion on her own Twitter account. "Best day ever! Coolest human," Salenger writes, adding several more photos of Alice's training session with Hawk. One image shows Alice with both feet on the board as Hawk helps to guide her, while another shows the two hamming it up with their boards on the couch. Hawk also poses with the family in other photos posted by Patton Oswalt and Salenger. Of course, Tony also made the time to do some shredding of his own as well, proving that the 52-year-old hasn't lost a step after spending decades on the ramps.

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Hawk is perhaps the most famous pro skateboarder in the world, with the legend of the sport notably inspiring the massively popular Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video game series. In addition to his accomplishments as a skateboarder, which includes a 2009 induction into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, Hawk is also known for his work as a philanthropist. In 2002, he created the Tony Hawk Foundation with the goal of providing safe and legal skateparks for young, aspiring skaters all across America. In the years since, the foundation has raised millions of dollars, funding hundreds of skatepark projects in the United States.

Alice is the 11-year-old daughter of Oswalt and his late wife, true crime writer and journalist Michelle McNamara. Sadly, McNamara died suddenly in 2016 due to complications from her medications and an undiagnosed heart problem. The award-winning comedian has since married Salenger with the two tying the knot in 2017. "I am grateful to be the one who helps him climb out of the depths of grief and find some joy again," Salenger wrote at the time in response to online trolls criticizing their union. "And most of all... Alice is happy and feels loved."

If Alice continues to pursue skateboarding, she couldn't possibly have a better teacher than Hawk. Meanwhile, for the rest of us hoping to spend some time shredding with Hawk on the pavement, we'll all get the chance to do so digitally with the release of the upcoming video game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2, a high-definition remake of the original two games. The new title will be released next month on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. Still, for as fun as that might be, it's certain that nothing could ever compare to skating with Hawk in person. Perhaps this should put Oswalt and Salenger up for the Parents of the Year award. This news comes to us from Patton Oswalt on Twitter.