Tony Kaye is in negotiations to direct the indie drama, Black Water Transit for Cheyenne Enterprises.

He'll take over for Samuel Bayer on the film starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson; Production Weekly notes it's the first time the two will work together since Die Hard: With a Vengeance in 1995.

Doug Richardson wrote the adaptation of the Carsten Stroud novel which is a high-voltage tale of betrayal, revenge, and redemption - deeply rooted in the violent underworld of East Coast crime. Successful businessman Jack Vermillon, (Jackson) owner of a container ship company, is desperate to help his son, an ex-junkie charged with trafficking and armed robbery. Although Jack cannot get him out of jail, he might be able to get him moved from a maximum-security prison-if he can give law-enforcement officials something in trade. When tough-guy Earl Pike, (Willis) a military man with high-level CIA contacts, approaches Jack about shipping his personal gun collection out of the country-a highly illegal move-Jack figures he has something for the feds. The bust is set to go down, but all hell breaks loose, and when the shooting stops, three federal agents and a member of the NYPD are dead. Now the feds are interested in pinning the fiasco on Jack, and so is Earl Pike.

Production on Black Water Transit will start in New Orleans in early April.