During a recent chat with MyMovies.net, Domino director Tony Scott talked briefly about his plans for redoing the 70's street gang flick, which he has said won't be moving forward until sometime in 2006.

Many consider Walter Hill‘s 1979 film, in which a New York posse must try and get home to Coney Island alive after being framed from the murder of a gang leader, to be untouchable. But fans could be in for a surprise because Scott‘s impending epic is moving the action to the West coast.

"I see it as "Kingdom Of Heaven" meets "The Warriors" because with these gangs, instead of having twenty or thirty guys, I‘m going to have three thousand, five thousand guys in the LA river beds and it‘s going to look like LA during the riots," Tony told us explaining "I love the original movie, that‘s why I‘m in doing this but I‘m not going to copy the original."

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