UPDATE: 08.20.2012 - 6:00pm

According to Tony Scott's wife, Donna W. Scott, /tony-scott-did-not-have-brain-cancer-according-to-wife/the director did not have brain cancer as previously reported. /tony-scott-did-not-have-brain-cancer-according-to-wife/CLICK HERE for the full story.

Original story:

Last night, we reported the shocking news that director Tony Scott committed suicide yesterday afternoon, by jumping from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, California. Today, we have new information that the filmmaker was recently diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.

It isn't known when he received this diagnosis. An autopsy is set to be performed today. Witnesses saw the filmmaker get out of his Toyota Prius parked on the bridge and scale a 10-foot fence before jumping. A suicide note was later recovered, although the contents of that note were not revealed.

Tony Scott was 68 years old at the time of his death. We will bring you more information about his tragic death when the autopsy results are revealed. The director is survived by his wife, Donna W. Scott, and his twin sons.