Tony Scott is set to direct the story of Hollywood agent-turned-pro-war documentary filmmaker Pat Dollard to the big screen.

Scott's Scott Free Productions will also produce the adaptation of the Vanity Fair article Pat Dollard's War on Hollywood as well as to option Dollard's life rights; Dollard and the article's author, Evan Wright, will write the screenplay, notes The Hollywood Reporter.

The article portrayed Dollard, who nurtured the career of a then-unknown Steven Soderbergh, as the stereotypical Hollywood agent with a drug-fueled lifestyle and a collection of ex-wives. Dollard chucked the "Entourage"-esque world, embedding himself with Marines in Iraq, where he joined patrols and survived several bombings. Dollard went from wearing Armani suits to combat gear, hair styled in a Mohawk and the word "die" shaved into his chest hair.

The article described his attempt to sell the documentary, titled "Young Americans," as well as his making a concurrent docu, an incoherent porn filmed by a rehab sidekick, which echoed "Auto Focus," a film that Dollard produced.