The Warriors: Paramount and MTV Films have reportedly tapped "Sopranos" scripter, and four time Emmy-nominie, Terence Winter, to pen Man on Fire helmer Tony Scott's remake of The Warriors.

This latest version of The Warriors first gained traction about two years ago when Scott signed on to helm an update of Walter Hill's surreal 1979 actioner. The current project been been envisioned as having a heightened sense of reality when compared to the nearly comic bookish original, which was set in nightmare's version of on New York City. But, as in the original, the remake's plot will focus on the Warriors, a street gang, wrongly accused of assassinating a rival gang's leader during a truce and then being forced to make their way home across the length of the city through hostile gang territories.

Winter recently picked up a pair of Emmy nominations this year for the "Long Term Parking" episode and for the "Unidentified Black Males" episode with Matthew Weiner