Marvel fans were quite puzzled to notice that Tony Stark is wearing Doctor Strange's Levitation Cloak in the new Infinity War featurette that Marvel Studios released today. Benedict Cumberbatch had previously mentioned that some the movie's cast tried on each other's costumes, but this looks to be a bit more official than that, especially since it's on set and it appears that someone in the crew is doing some adjustments to the cloak on Robert Downey Jr. So, why does Tony Stark have Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation on?

Infinity War is going to be a pretty dark movie and from some of the footage that we've already seen, it's clear that Iron Man's new Prime Armor gets pretty messed up from a battle with Thanos. So, could Tony Stark, or Doctor Tony Strange, as some fans have been calling him, be trading some technology for some magic to properly fight the Mad Titan? It seems highly probable. Additionally, the Infinity War behind-the-scenes featurette also shows Doctor Strange making a portal for Star-Lord, which also leads us to believe that Stephen Strange is going to have a pretty crucial role in the movie.

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Later on, in the Infinity War behind-the-scenes featurette, you can see the now infamous scene where Doctor Strange is being tortured by Ebony Maw. It's a look from the set, so there's a green screen behind Benedict Cumberbatch, where he's seen without his Levitation Cloak. While the cloak isn't seen, Strange still has the Eye of Agamotto, which is most important at this point in time. A lot of Marvel fans seem to think that Tony Stark wearing the Levitation Cloak spells trouble for Doctor Strange.

It's assumed that the Time Stone is still in the Eye of Agamotto, but Ebony Maw doesn't seem to know that. The Time Stone is rumored to have a pretty big role in Infinity War. In a new TV spot that was also released today, Doctor Strange talks to Tony Stark about going forward into the future to see the possible outcomes of the battle with Thanos and the Black Order, and it doesn't look good for the Avengers. The Time Stone may be the device that erases some of the movie and gives the team a second chance at battling the Mad Titan.

This is all speculation at this time, but Marvel fans are already having a lot of fun with the sight of Tony Stark wearing Doctor Strange's Levitation Cloak. For most fans, it's a source of humor, but some of the more hardcore fans are already starting to try and figure out how it fits into the plot of the movie as a whole. The good thing is that there's now only a few weeks to go before Infinity War hits theaters, so the mystery will be solved soon. You can check out the new Infinity War behind-the-scenes featurette below, thanks to the Marvel Studios YouTube channel as well as some fan reactions.