Just hours after the first poster debuted from Paramount Pictures' Top Five, the studio has released the first clip, featuring writer-director-star Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan.

The story follows movie star Andre Allen (Chris Rock), whose encounter with a journalist (Rosario Dawson) forces him to reflect on the stand-up comedy career he left behind. At the same time, Andre is also dealing with his reality star fiancee (Gabrielle Union) as she plans their wedding.

The first scene features Andre visiting some old friends, as we get a glimpse at what the title stands for. Lively conversation ensues, including theories about what Tupac Shakur would be doing if he was alive right now, as they debate whether he would be a political leader, or the star of a Tyler Perry movie. Watch as Tracy Morgan breaks down his top five rappers of all time, followed by Andre's somewhat controversial list.

Do you agree with Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan's Top Five? Chime in with your thoughts below after checking out this new scene, which is also interspersed with quotes from some of the nation's top critics.