2016 has been in a word, cruel. Legends have been passing away left and right and very sadly, Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin has passed away at the young age of 27. Yelchin has been a very strong talent in Hollywood for most of his life and he was very much a star on the rise and one that we loved to watch. The entertainment community and fans alike have been reeling ever since the news broke.

The news was first reported on Sunday morning and was later confirmed by Yealchin's publicist. Often times when someone dies at such a young age, there appears to be some sort of foul play or self induced, tragedy to it. What is perhaps most frustrating and sad for fans of Yelchin is that it seems like a total freak accident. He was found by his friends early in the morning, pinned by his car against a brick mailbox and security gate, apparently crushed to death by his own vehicle, and no foul play is suspected.

Yelchin got his start at a very young age and has been consistently delivering very high quality work ever since. What was particularly great about Yelchin was the wide array of projects he was involved in. One minute he would be starring as Chekov in Star Trek and the next he would be providing the voice of a Smurf. He always appeared to give his all to a role and never seemed to phone it in and as anyone who has followed his work in recent years will likely tell you, he was only getting better. He was an actor that had such amazing possibility ahead and sadly, we won't ever get to see what could have been.

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Many of us are still reeling from the news and Hollywood has responded with thoughts and prayers aplenty on social media. Yelchin had been acting for most of his life, but it felt like he was about to hit a major stride and with performances in Green Room and Star Trek Beyond in 2016, it seemed very likely that his best work was still ahead of him. As sad as his very untimely and tragic death is, Yelchin did leave behind and incredible body of work for a man his age and in honor of his great, but tragically short career, we are going to take look at some his best and most memorable performances.

Green Room

Green Room

Green Room is a movie that absolutely isn't for everyone, as it is a very challenging movie to watch in some ways due to its very brutal nature. That doesn't detract from the fact that it is one of the best films to land in theaters this year and a very large part of that is owed to the performance given by Anton Yelchin. The movie revolves around a punk rock band who is on tour and barely scraping by who need to find a way to pay to get home. They are offered a gig at a skinhead bar and after something goes terribly wrong, it becomes a violent, horrifying mess. Yelchin plays Pat who has to endure some of the most awful things imaginable throughout the course of the movie, and has to do so while sharing the screen with Patrick Stewart, who delivers one of the most complex and chilling performances of recent memory. The tension in this movie is so palpable and Pat is put in the position of attempting to be the voice of reason in a situation that defies reason, which leads to a very intense ark for the character. Yelchin winds up being the real standout in a movie that has a tremendous ensemble cast and really sells the horror, pain and fear that would have come off as B-movie scream gore in the hands of a less talented actor. Even if you don't love Green Room, it is something that will absolutely stick with you and Yelchin's performance is something that is truly unforgettable. One scene inparticular will haunt you, largely because Yelchin makes it seem so real and human that it is unsettling, yet truly admirable.

Ryan Scott