Witchblade has been a comic, a television show and an animated series, and now it will soon be a live-action feature film. One of the producers of the film, Matt Hawkins, recently talked to Newsarama about the direction that the new film will go in, and it's relation to the series which aired on TNT.

Asked how closely the film would follow the comic series, Hawkins said:

One of the great things about the Witchblade is that the basic mythology and origin allows us to do pretty much just about anything we want. We've decided to be pretty tight-lipped about the script itself for now, which is easy for me since I haven't actually read it yet [laughs]. What I say is the live action film will be more in line with the comics than anything else.

Hawkins also said that the film would take a "more horror-based approach." He clarified, saying "It's not a gore-fest, but certainly more horrific than the TV series. With the supernatural elements this is pretty easy to do."

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