The cast for Top Gun 2 has just been filled out with six new additions. The long-awaited and highly-anticipated sequel to the 80s classic kicked off production at the end of May, with Tom Cruise back in the iconic role of Maverick, which helped to cement him as a bonafide movie star. Now, we have word of several new cast members who are going to star alongside Cruise, in addition to some of the previously announced new and returning stars.

Paramount has added Thomasin McKenzie (Jojo Rabbit), Charles Parnell (A Million Little Pieces), Jay Ellis (Insecure), Bashir Salahuddin (Glow), Danny Ramirez (Assassination Nation) and Monica Barbaro (The Good Cop) to the growing cast of the sequel, which is officially titled Top Gun: Maverick. Aside from Tom Cruise, the cast also includes the previously announced Jennifer Connelly as the female lead, Miles Teller as Goose's son and Glen Powell, who initially auditioned for Goose's son but was offered a different part. Val Kilmer is also set to reprise his role as Iceman.

Thomasin McKenzie will play the daughter of Jennifer Connelly's character. Charles Parnell is on board to play an admiral. Bashir Salahuddin is set to play an engineer. Jay Ellis, Monica Barbaro and Danny Ramirez are all playing new pilots. The sequel is said to be focusing heavily on drone warfare in the modern military, with Maverick training a new generation of fighter pilots. It's quite possible they will be amongst those new pilots. The studio has not yet released a full synopsis for the movie so further plot details are not available at this time. Also of note; this new group of talent is quite diverse. There are three African-American actors, two women and no white men included in this group. It would appear as though the producers are trying to showcase some diversity in the upcoming blockbuster.

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Originally, Top Gun director Tony Scott was going to helm the sequel, which has been in the works for some time. Unfortunately, Scott passed away before filming ever got off the ground. That stalled the project for a bit before the studio brought Joseph Kosinski, who worked previously with Tom Cruise on Oblivion, on board as the new director. Kosinski has experience resurrecting 80s classics for modern audiences, as he was in the director's chair for Disney's Tron: Legacy. Peter Craig, Justin Marks and Eric Warren Singer penned the screenplay for Top Gun 2, with the legendary Jerry Bruckheimer producing alongside Cruise and David Ellison, who is producing for Skydance.

Top Gun had an iconic soundtrack and the sequel looks to repeat that. Kenny Loggins is set to record a new version of Danger Zone for the movie with a yet-to-be-named contemporary artist. Composer Harold Faltermeyer is also set to return to provide the score. Top Gun: Maverick is set to arrive in theaters on July 12, 2019. This news comes to us courtesy of Deadline.

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