Top Gun is officially getting a sequel, and now Anthony Edwards has pitched the idea of Goose coming back as a Ghost. Anthony Edwards portrayed Nick "Goose" Bradshaw in 1986's Top Gun, a best friend to Tom Cruise's Maverick, a fun loving sidekick who would break into song whenever he felt the time was right. However, Goose dies in the original movie during a training mission gone wrong, pretty much guaranteeing that he wouldn't be involved with the upcoming Top Gun 2: Maverick. That has all changed now thanks to Anthony Edward's pitch on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Anthony Edwards pre-taped a segment for the Late Show where he makes his pitch for Goose to return for Top Gun: Maverick. His solution: Ghost Goose. Edwards jokingly wonders out loud in the Last Show video clip why he hasn't received a phone call to participate in the upcoming sequel. After all, Edwards starred in the movie about "flyboys and volleyball" too, it wasn't all just Tom Cruise all by himself. The hilarious video goes on to superimpose Ghost Goose into scenes from the first movie including a passionate love scene between Maverick and Charlie as well as flying on the wings of Maverick's F-14 Tomcat after having a drink with Marilyn Monroe and the Wright Brothers.

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Another actor who hasn't received a phone call to jump back into character is Val Kilmer who famously portrayed Tom "Iceman" Kazanski, Maverick's top competition. Kilmer has been all over social media, posing in t-shirts with the Iceman on them claiming to be ready to jump back into the part. Apparently Iceman and Maverick didn't get along in real-life, but c'mon, that was 31 years ago, get over it, Maverick. At this point in time it looks like Top Gun: Maverick will pretty much star Tom Cruise and some jets, oh and a few aircraft carriers.

Tom Cruise announced that Top Gun 2 was happening while promoting The Mummy, which might've been because he knew that his current movie was a stinker, but whatever. Whenever Cruise is asked about the subject, he seemingly pulls the answers from thin air, almost as if Ghost Goose is making up the answers on the spot and feeding them to the actor. When asked about who is in the movie Cruise says jets and aircraft carriers. When asked about the title, he quickly threw out that the movie is called Maverick. The actor is also teasing that the movie will have music and a possible volleyball scene. It might even be shot with a camera and shown in movie theaters too. Tom Cruise may very well be writing the movie in his head during interviews.

Ghost Goose will not be in Top Gun: Maverick, but he should. And the same goes for the Iceman. Maverick on his own does not sound at all that interesting in the slightest. Also Tom Cruise should get some more information about the movie before announcing anything further, it's assumed that the movie will have fast jets, an aircraft carrier or two, music, and actors. Cruise is probably just trolling everybody. Maybe it's a conspiracy hatched up between him and Ghost Goose? Check out Anthony Edwards' pitch for Ghost Goose below and then hit up social media and tell America that "you feel the need, the need for Ghost Goose."