More than 30 years after it first hit theaters, the Top Gun sequel fans have been clamoring for is finally coming to fruition. After decades of delays, Tom Cruise teased last week that the sequel will be called Top Gun: Maverick, with Cruise returning as the title character. Although, all he would say about the story is that jets will be involved. During a recent interview, the actor hinted that this sequel may include a volleyball scene like the original movie.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Tom Cruise during the red carpet premiere for The Mummy, which hits theaters June 9, where he continued to talk the sequel, reiterating that there will be plenty of jets in this movie. Still, when press for even more details, the actor wouldn't give up many specifics, only offering fans the most generic of details about this Top Gun sequel. But then he mentioned that it might have a volleyball scene. Here's what he had to say on the subject.

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"There's gonna be jets, very fast jets. There's gonna be an aircraft carrier, maybe two. And a wide range of jets. It's gonna have music. We have a soundtrack. There's gonna be actors in it. And a motorcycle, definitely a motorcycle. Maybe a volleyball scene. Maybe. We'll see. I have not told anyone in the world as much as I've just told you right now. I have really not told anyone else."

Tom Cruise has been a big proponent of getting real jets, even stating in 2015 that he wants to get the Department of Defense involved so he could fly these Navy jets for the sequel. Whether or not that is actually happening remains to be seen, but the actor also hinted in another interview last month that Top Gun 2 will start shooting at some point next year, although that has yet to be confirmed by Paramount. Still, the anticipation and excitement for the sequel may be at an all-time high, with at least one of Tom Cruise's co-stars ready to return to the skies.

Last month, shortly after it was confirmed that Top Gun 2 is happening, Val Kilmer took to social media, revealing that he was ready to come back as Iceman. As of now, only Tom Cruise has been set for the sequel, which Jerry Bruckheimer will produce. There was also a report last month that Tom Cruise may reunite with his Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski, but the filmmaker has yet to be confirmed at this time. Justin Marks (The Jungle Book) wrote the latest screenplay draft for Top Gun 2: Maverick, which has been worked on by a number of writers over the years, such as Christopher McQuarrie, Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz and Peter Craig. Take a look at Tom Cruise's video interview where he discusses Top Gun: Maverick, and, in case you need a refresher, we have the original Top Gun volleyball scene below as well.