Producer Jerry Bruckheimer recently stated that Tom Cruise's injuries sustained while filming Mission Impossible 6 will not affect the production start date of Top Gun 2. Cruise broke his ankle in two places while performing a stunt earlier last month, which has stalled production on Mission Impossible 6 for three months. Since it delayed the current movie in production, many assumed that Top Gun 2 would undoubtedly be delayed as well, since production is set to start January of 2018, right after Mission Impossible 6 finishes.

While speaking to Yahoo Movies, Bruckheimer answered questions about the possibility of Cruise's injuries affecting the production start date for Top Gun 2. The producer said that the accident should not interfere with the the sequel. Though he said it won't, he doesn't seem exactly sure about it either. Jerry Bruckheimer explains.

"I think we'll be OK. We weren't planning on starting (filming) until January or February. I think he finishes his picture now in December so we should be OK."

Bruckheimer was then asked about the direction that the movie is going, but couldn't say much as the "pages" aren't finished yet. He says this.

"We gotta wait for the pages to come in."

Bruckheimer did mention that the studios were really excited about what they had going, but then basically said that they don't have anything. Now, the producer could be playing coy, but this seems to be the exact same game that Cruise is playing as well.

Cruise recently revealed that the sequel is officially called Top Gun: Maverick because he didn't want anything with numbers in the title. When asked about possible costars, Cruise replied: "There's gonna be Jets." Then Cruise was asked about the possible addition of drones in the sequel, he said, "There's gonna be jets." Cruise then revealed that the movie would contain some of the hallmarks of the original, stating that it, "will be a progression of Maverick." Cruise went on to say this.

"Aviators are back, the need for speed. We're going to have big, fast machines. It's going to be a competition film, like the first one ... but a progression for Maverick."

It appears that nobody really knows what's going on with the sequel except that there's going to be jets, aircraft carriers, and a possible volleyball scene, as if Cruise really doesn't know what it's going to be about or they're holding some crazy surprises like Ghost Goose and the return of the Ice Man.

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Though the sequel is set to begin production really soon, not much is really known about the project at all. However, it was recently revealed that American Hustle and Only the Brave writer Eric Warren Singer is currently working on the script for Top Gun 2. The original script was written by Justin Marks, who penned Disney's live-action remake of The Jungle Book. Singer was likely brought in for a rewrite before production starts, which makes sense, since there is plenty of time to provide some tune-ups to the Top Gun 2: Maverick script that will be about jets.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick