Tom Cruise first started talking about the real possibility of Top Gun 2 over a year ago and gave vague details about the project over the last several months. However, the sequel is now officially filming and after months of speculation, it was confirmed that Val Kilmer is back as the infamous Tom "Iceman" Kazansky. There have been reports over the years that Cruise and Kilmer did not get along while filming the first movie in 1986, but it appears that the two actors have settled their differences. In a brief interview, Cruise talked about how happy he was to have Kilmer back for Top Gun 2.

In the new interview, Tom Cruise admitted that he still can't believe that they're making Top Gun 2 after all of these years. When asked about the health of Val Kilmer, Cruise said, "He's doing really well." Kilmer battled throat cancer for two years and is on the mend, according to the actor. When asked what it was like to be working with Kilmer again after all of these years, Cruise simply said, "It was very special for me."

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Val Kilmer announced his official return as Iceman in Top Gun 2 on social media last week and fans are getting really excited for the sequel. Kilmer was recently on a Los Angeles radio show discussing the last two years of his life, which he kept secret from the public, though there were still reports that he was in bad shape. The 57-year old actor's voice has deteriorated due to the throat cancer and he sometimes has a swollen tongue, which makes his voice slurred. However, Kilmer has been working hard on his voice and it appears that it's nearly back to what it used to be.

When Top Gun 2 was officially announced, Val Kilmer was all over social media declaring that he was ready to return. He posted pictures of himself wearing a shirt with Iceman on it and publicly told Tom Cruise that he still had all the moves. It took over a year to get official word that Kilmer had joined the cast of the sequel and many believe it was due to the bad blood that the two actors had for each other while filming the original movie. While there have been reports that Kilmer and Cruise got into a physical altercation, Kilmer has downplayed the situation over the years.

Top Gun 2 is currently filming in southern California and fans are eagerly awaiting some photos from the set of Tom Cruise as Maverick and Val Kilmer as Iceman. It's good to hear that Kilmer is doing better, especially coming from Cruise. The addition of the Iceman has just made the anticipation for Top Gun 2 that much higher. Now, if they can only get the Ghost Goose cameo that Anthony Edwards has been talking about... You can read more about what Tom Cruise had to say about working with Val Kilmer again at Extra.