The Hollywood community was rocked in August when famed director Tony Scott committed suicide at the age of 68. The filmmaker's shocking death has halted plans for Top Gun 2, and has Paramount executives questioning whether or not they should release a 3D-converted version of the original Top Gun in theaters.

We first reported on the Top Gun 3D conversion last September, which Paramount had originally hoped to use to get fans excited for the impending sequel. Now that Top Gun 2 isn't happening, the studio doesn't want to seem insensitive or exploitative by releasing Top Gun in 3D. Insiders claim that Tony Scott responded positively to Top Gun's 3D conversion in the weeks leading up to his death.

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Paramount is reportedly considering a February 2013 release for Top Gun 3D, with an exclusive one-week IMAX window before opening in standard 3D theaters. The studio, IMAX and Legend3D, the company behind the conversion, refused to comment or confirm the release plan. Sources also suggest that Paramount may release Top Gun later this year in China and Russia, due to star Tom Cruise's massive popularity in those countries. However, the Chinese censor has not cleared the film for release thus far.