Tom Cruise is one actor who is known to go above-and-beyond when it comes to physical training for his movies that delves much deeper than lifting weights in the gym, whether it means learning to hold his breath for six minutes or learning to scale mountains without any gear. In preparation for the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick, producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed that Cruise ensured not only himself but his younger castmates, who all play Navy pilots, were properly trained for the film's stunning aerial shots.

"He put the actors through this grueling process over three months so they could take the G-forces when we put them in the F/A-18s. It was really a tough slog for these young actors, because they also had to go through water survival training, where they are blindfolded and put in a water tank that's turned upside down and they have to figure out how to get out. And Tom went through all the same stuff! They told me he went through that training just like a 22-year-old would - that's how good he is."
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Tom Cruise, who is an accomplished pilot in real life, has the original Top Gun to thank for igniting his interest in aviation while training for the film. That interest led to a lifetime devoted to understanding the intricacies of flight machinery. With the sequel, Cruise got the chance to pass on his love for flying to other members of the cast, and he took full advantage of the opportunity to bring them up to his level.

"In the first movie, we put the actors in the F-14s, and the only footage we could use was of Tom, because everybody else was throwing up. For Maverick, we put five cameras in the cockpit, so the actors not only had to act, they had to know when to turn the camera on and where the sun was to match the previous scene. They had a lot to do in that cockpit when they were flying these planes on sorties, which were designed by Tom and Joe. Tom gave all the briefings and all the debriefings after the shoot along with the great Top Gun pilots that we work with from the Navy."

In Top Gun: Maverick, audiences return to Tom Cruise's iconic character from the first film, Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell, who is now a senior pilot in the air force, but who still prefers to fly planes while training new recruits instead of sitting behind a desk. Things come to a head when Maverick is put in charge of a particularly dangerous mission, with one of the new recruits on his team being the son of his late friend 'Goose'.

The movie promises to tell a strong emotional story, while also featuring aerial action sequences the likes of which have never been seen before, befitting Cruise's reputation for constantly pushing the limits of the action genre. It now remains to be seen whether the film will be screened in theaters in December as planned or be forced to opt for a digital PVOD release. This comes from