The new Top Gun: Maverick trailer has been released. Tom Cruise announced the trailer yesterday with the release of the latest poster. The poster features Cruise's Maverick leaning up against in old World War II era prop place while looking up to the sky at two F/A-18F Super Hornets. The jets used in the 1986 original were the F-14 Tomcat, which was at the time the flagship Naval fighter jet. Now, we have a new look at the highly anticipated sequel, and as Cruise originally promised, it has jets.

Like the first Top Gun: Maverick trailer, our new look teases some intense jet fighting action, though there isn't much context. The first Top Gun 2 trailer debuted at this year's San Diego Comic-Con when Tom Cruise shocked fans by walking out on stage to hand deliver the first footage. While there were definitely skeptics when the sequel was announced, the first footage quickly shot that all down with Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt excitedly tweeting, "TAKE. MY. MONEY!!" Pratt wasn't the only one to have that reaction and luckily, the new footage adds to that excitement.

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Like any good trailer, the latest look at Top Gun: Maverick offers more questions than answers. However, the wait for the movie is almost over, especially considering the fact we've been waiting for over three decades to see this sequel. Six months is nothing compared to 30 years. Paramount originally started developing the movie in 2010 when they made offers to Jerry Bruckheimer and original director Tony Scott to make a sequel to 1986's Top Gun. Scott was excited about making the movie and said at the time he had no intention on retreading old ground. However, Scott's death in 2012 stalled the project.

It wasn't until 2017 that Tom Cruise started cryptically and casually talking about Top Gun: Maverick. The actor would nonchalantly mention that the sequel was on the way and when pressed further he would state that the movie will have "jets" and "aircraft carriers." Fans weren't sure what to make of Cruise's relaxed attitude about it, but the project was later officially announced with production set to start in 2018. While the movie was originally going to hit theaters this past summer, the production took a break to get a better handle on military tech in order to make the movie more realistic.

As for looking more realistic, actor Jon Hamm, who stars in Top Gun: Maverick, says it's "mind-blowing." The actor added that most of the movie is practical effects and that there is barely any CGI used. "Those guys are really up in planes and getting thrown around in multiple Gs," says Hamm. The new trailer shows off some of what Hamm was talking about and it provides another exciting look at the sequel. You can check out the latest trailer for Top Gun: Maverick above, thanks to Paramount.