Torchwood, the Doctor Who spin-off that stars John Barrowman as the enigmatic Captain Jack Harkness, has enjoyed great popularity in the United States, airing on BBC America. Barrowman recently sat down with SCI FI Wire, where he said that he would be happy to play the character for many more years.

"If I was asked to do Jack for the next five or six years I would do it with a big smile on my face, because I absolutely love playing him," Barrowman said. "When the time comes for us to close the page on Torchwood and Jack Harkness, I'm also then happy to do that when that decision is made. But I think it's got a bit of a life out there. Let's hope we get [season] three, [season] four and, hopefully, [season] five."

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Barrowman says that the second season of Torchwood will feature "more character-based stories." "You're going to learn an awful lot more about Toshiko [Naoko Mori], Owen [Burn Gorman], Ianto [Gareth David-Lloyd] and Gwen [Eve Myles]. You're going to also see much more of Jack's history."

Torchwood: The Complete First Season was released to DVD in mid-January, 2008. Season two begins airing on BBC America on January 26, 2008 with an episode which guest-stars James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville).