Husband and wife discuss moving to a small town, starting a new business venture and why they don't clean toilets

Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott purchased a B&B, moved to a small town and started a new business venture. They do insist that their acting careers will continue, however their new business is taking up a lot of their time and energy. And it's all playing out in front of millions of viewers in their reality show Tori and Dean Inn Love which airs on the Oxygen network Tuesday nights.

The couple recently sat down to answer questions about their lives and the show. This was prior to the birth of their son last month and before Tori reconciled with her mother.

Given the somewhat spotty success rate of couples who have subjected themselves to reality-television scrutiny, what makes you think you guys are going to survive this intact?

Tori Spelling: It's funny. We had already signed on to do it, and we had the idea and we're all really excited. And I hadn't broken the news to Dean. He didn't know that none of the couples had made it -- that had done a reality show together. And I was surprised no one had pointed that out but --

Dean McDermott: Well, we're going to be the exception, not the rule.

Tori Spelling: Yes.

Dean McDermott: And prove everyone wrong.

Do you have any experience at all running an inn, and why choose this interesting new path in life?

Dean McDermott: No experience running an inn. I've had some restaurant experience, so that kind of goes towards the hospitality aspect of running an inn. And renovations, I've renovated four homes in Toronto, Canada, and that's about my experience.

Tori Spelling: And I just have really good style, so I thought I could spruce up the B&B.

Tori, kind of tell us which came first. In other words, were you guys thinking about opening a B&B and then you thought it would be a cool reality show? Or were you thinking of a reality show and then you thought of maybe we should try something like a B&B?

Tori Spelling: No. The B&B was the first idea. That happened this summer when we were filming a movie together up in Ottawa.

Dean McDermott: The second time.

Tori Spelling: For the second time.

Dean McDermott: Returning to the scene of the crime.

Tori Spelling: They offered to put us up at a B&B as opposed to our fancy Four Seasons hotel because it's closer to the set. And I had never stayed in a B&B and Dean hadn't either. So I had some trepidation because my makeup artist at the time, she was like,

"Oh, B&Bs are just creepy and they're old and people's used things."

Dean McDermott: And cut to --

Tori Spelling: And so cut to I was like, "Let's stay." And indeed, it was old and musty and people's old, used things with, like, decrepit teddy bears with eyes hanging out.

Dean McDermott: Smelled a bit like pee. It did.

Tori Spelling: But B&Bs were good for us because we conceived (our baby) in Ottawa, obviously. But we came away with the idea that we would like to reinvent the B&B, kind of do a modern take on it, and kind of reinvent it for our generation. And then came the reality show.

You bring this different perspective because you're one of the only people who have lived in a hundred-room house.

Tori Spelling: 140-room. No, I'm just kidding. (Laughter.) I'm kidding.

Coming from your background, what did you find difficult - when you tried to adjust to one of these older houses like that?

Tori Spelling: Well, actually it wasn't hard for me because my parent's house -- 100-whatever room it is -- I actually didn't move into until I was 17 and I moved out when I was 19, so I've lived in apartments since then. So the B&B is more of a house to me than an apartment. It didn't take much to get used to.

Dean McDermott: You did really well.

Tori Spelling: Thanks, Babe.

So are you guys actually running this thing? You're getting up and cooking breakfast and making the coffee and serving people and cleaning the toilets and that sort of thing?

Dean McDermott: Yep.

Tori Spelling: Well, I don't clean toilets.

Dean McDermott: Okay. We do have a cleaning staff --

Tori Spelling: Everyone draws the line somewhere.

Dean McDermott: -- that comes in twice a week to clean the whole place top to bottom, but we will be --

Tori Spelling: We will be running it.

Dean McDermott: -- at our guests' beck and call.

Tori Spelling: And breakfast -- I'm not all about breakfast because I'm usually not up early enough, but that's how we're modernizing it.

Dean McDermott: I'll be doing the breakfast stuff.

Tori Spelling: I'm more into happy hours and hors d'oeurvres.

This is not an escape from Hollywood for you two. This is just another business that you're still going to be involved in?

Tori Spelling: Right.

Dean McDermott: We're not severing ties from Hollywood at all. We're still going to maintain our acting careers while we're trying to run a business.

Do you intend to be living there the rest of your lives or are you there for a couple of years or a couple of months to get it off the ground and then you bail and let somebody else run it?

Tori Spelling: Well, I mean we hope it does well and keeps going.

Dean McDermott: Yeah. We hope it obviously does well because we want to brand it and branch it out. We want a whole chain of these things. But, yeah, we'd obviously like to get it up and running and get it self-sufficient and move on to another B&B or business venture.

Tori Spelling: I want to be the new Trump, Trump-ess.

Tori, you have probably been served most of your life. Why do you feel that you're ready to serve other people and tend to their needs?

Tori Spelling: That's a good question. I actually was born into that lifestyle, but it's never been a part of who I am and I've never really felt very comfortable with people waiting on me at all. And I usually am the first to say I'll do that myself, so this is only natural for me. I like to entertain. I like to do for other people and prepare and cook, so I'm excited to serve other people. It seemed natural.

Dean, rumor has it that you re-proposed to Tori while you guys were scouting locations. Tell us a little bit about that.

Dean McDermott: Actually, I did re-propose, but it was on Christmas Day in Toronto, Canada. I just thought it would be a great way to mark the year. One, it would be a great Christmas present, and, two, just to celebrate the year because I had proposed to her on Christmas Eve the year before. So it was a great way to celebrate that.

Is another ceremony on the way perhaps?

Dean McDermott: Maybe, maybe.

Tori Spelling: Of sorts.

Dean McDermott: I can't tell you. You'll ruin my surprises.

Tori, how much pressure do you feel to live up to the example made by Jessica Simpson?

Tori Spelling: Hmm, I'm not quite sure how to answer that. In the way that you're liking this to a Newlyweds?


Tori Spelling: Yes. We think of it as a Newlyweds as well, kind of the next level. We are still newlyweds, but we have a baby on the way and we're juggling our careers in the new business, so it's kind of

Newlyweds Part Deux.

Is there a pressure to pretend to be someone who you're not?

Tori Spelling: No, because I know what tuna is.

Well, then, do you feel that your show will be able to have the same entertainment value?

Tori Spelling: We do. We do. Because we are actors and this is reality, but part of my thing is I kind of like to put a little humor into everything. Because you have ups and downs in life, and if you can't laugh at it, then what can you do? So I think that's part of our dynamic, so it will be very funny.

Dean McDermott: I still don't know. Is Chicken of the Sea chicken or tuna? (Laughter.) Never figured that out.

Tori, your brother's also doing a reality series. Even your unborn baby makes an appearance in this show. What it is about the Spellings that make you want to live your life out on television?

Tori Spelling: Well, that wasn't a choice I was given. I can only speak for myself. I can't speak on behalf of my brother and my unborn child obviously, but my life is a reality basically. I mean it's out in the media every day, so I figured kind of instead of going by what they write, why not put the truth out there and put ourselves out there and, at the same time, open up a successful business.

Tori, you were on Randy's A&E show, show. Is he going to be appearing, doing an appearance on your show?

Tori Spelling: I don't know. He would have to do a pretty big feat because I did the flying splits on his show, so he better come up with something good if he wants to be on mine.

Did you set any limits about where they could film you?

Tori Spelling: There's not a toilet cam. There is a bedroom cam -- that we came up with, we thought was pretty cool. Because, you know, that's the most intimate place, I think, in your day kind of when you wake up in the morning, when you go to bed. And especially when you go to bed, to look back on your day, and it's the most intimate place for a husband and wife.

Dean McDermott: We're also thinking of a kitchen cam or a bathroom cam to a certain extent because those are also intimate places where you start your days and end your days and hatch ideas.

How big is the B&B? How many rooms is it?

Tori Spelling: I don't know the square footage. It's on 8 acres.

Dean McDermott: The main house is about 4,000 square feet. And we have a carriage house and out building, which is about 700 to 1,000 square feet.

How many guests can you accommodate?

Dean McDermott: Four couples.

Tori and Dean Inn Love airs Tuesday nights at 10:30pm/9:30c on the Oxygen Network.