Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

The reality star couple talk about the latest season of their reality series

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are finally coming home. The real-life married couple and reality TV stars will go back to Home Sweet Hollywood with the fourth season of Tori & Dean, which will premiere on Tuesday, May 26 at 10 PM ET on Oxygen. The couple recently held a conference call to discuss their new series, and here's what they had to say.

You know regarding your kids, is doing a show like this - is that a way to kind of control the exposure they get? Because I know you do get the paparazzi all of the time. Is that a way to control it? Or is there no controlling it?

Tori Spelling: There's really no control for the paparazzi. Essentially the show is a way to keep our family together. And we're both so busy working and its nice to be able to do a show that shows our lives so they can, you know we're able to travel with our children, do things with our children. And it is nice to show the fans what the real life is like. You know its not all what they see in the tabloids and the paparazzi. But that side of it is something you can control.

And Dean you talked in the first episode, you know about not being the bread winner and dealing with that. And I want to know, how do you deal with that? Because me being a guy, like I know that's an issue in my relationship. And how did you get around that?

Dean McDermott: You know its just, one it affords me, you know a lot of time to support T and the kids. And it's just, you know I look at it and T's career was further evolved then mine. And it just makes sense that T is a lot busier then I am and, you know I hope to catch one day. But you know Tori have been doing this for long time and very successful. And you know she's the major bread winner and it is what it is. But it doesn't change, you know how much I love her and how we feel for each other. And I know it's kind of hard for guys to realize that and I think the sooner that guys realize it that it's okay. So, you know at the end of the day its all about, you know having a happy family and being in love. And if someone earns more than you it doesn't really matter.

Tori, your relationship with your mom is played out in the press. Does that affect how you approach your relationship with your children?

Tori Spelling: Is the way that my relationship with my mom played out in the press a way I approach my relationship with my children?

No, no does it give you second thoughts about how you want your relationship with your children to be?

Tori Spelling: Absolutely not. I want my relationship to a strong, great loving relationship. I can only, based on, you know my maternal instincts, what I can do. What I want them to have. And, you know everything else played out in the press is kind of, you know silly.

As a reality couple would you have any advice for John and Kate?

Tori Spelling: Absolutely not.

Dean McDermott: No.

Tori Spelling: You know that's the hard part. When things are played out in the press, people don't know what the truth is.

Dean McDermott: There's two sides to every story.

Tori Spelling: And then there's the press's side. So, sorry to say, but you know in the tabloids they're just not a good judge of what's true. And a lot of times, you know there's no truth to things. So you kind of just have to, you know I know its hard for us, you know when things are played out and you just want to scream to the public, this isn't true, I don't know why they're writing that. But you can't.

Dean McDermott: I just feel that people cannot comment on a situation until they have both sides of the story, you know the facts. So it's really hard to make a comment or give advice for that matter.

Tori Spelling: I love their show though I'll say that.

With the Season 4 of the show coming up, Tori what can you tell us was the biggest challenge you faced this season?

Tori Spelling: I would say what, you know it's funny whenever you start a season you really it's, you know it's a reality show. You don't know, its not like scripted where you can say like, you know here's what's happening this season because we don't know. You know we start out and we say what are we doing, we know we have two kids, we're raising kids. And then our lives just kind of became crazy this season. And so for me the biggest challenge, what ended up being the biggest challenge this season was really trying to balance my home life and my career. And wanting so badly to be that hands on, stay at mom, but also, you know needing to provide for my family, wanting to be a career woman. And so that was a constant struggle I was fighting with.

And Dean, both you and Tori, you know are stars of the show, Executive Producers. You've both been busy with, you know making appearances and with Tori writing books. Is there anything that you two really haven't touched on yet that you'd really like to try your hand at?

Dean McDermott: Well I know there's something that I'd really like Tori try, and that's motorcycle racing. But she won't.

Tori Spelling: I thought you were taking him dirty.

Dean McDermott: You know what I for myself, I would love to try stand up comedy. That's the one thing I've never - honestly, that's what I got into the business for as an actor, I wanted to do stand up. And I' just fascinated by it and I'm fascinated by stand up comedians, because it's a hard thing. How about you, mama? You want to do some stand up?

Tori Spelling: No. I'll sit in the audience and heckle you though.

Dean McDermott: Nice.

That's what wives are for, right?

Tori Spelling: Exactly.

Dean McDermott: Is there anything you want to try?

Tori Spelling: That I want to try in life? There's a lot of things I want to try. There's never enough time to try anything. I would love to have a hobby. I have no hobbies.

Dean McDermott: So you can motorcycle race with me right?

Tori Spelling: Yes, I like tamer things. Like I want - I want to scrapbook.

Dean McDermott: I'll scrapbook with you.

Tori Spelling: I do. We have so many photo albums, I want to have something to give to the kids. I want to start scrap booking and I always say I'm going to and we're so completely busy we never get to do that. So one day I would like to scrapbook.

Dean McDermott: I will scrapbook.

I'm wondering if you guys can tell me a little bit about how your kids are dealing with the cameras. I know Liam is probably pretty used to it and Stella is a little too little, but are they pretty comfortable with them? Do they ever get kind of freaked out or ask you like weird questions about the camera?

Tori Spelling: No not yet. I mean they're still too young for that. But in all honesty it's probably not what people think. I mean our camera guys, there's two of them, you know sometimes there's one. Like it's not like we've got a huge crew, you know. And actually, our camera guy, Liam, his name is Mario and Liam nicknamed him Moe.

Does he always try to get him to put down the camera and play with or anything like that?

Tori Spelling: Yes, it's so casual with us that he does. He often like we'll be filming and Liam like wants to hang out with his Moe. And Moe puts down the camera and likes starts running around with him and hanging out. So it's casual and fun. And they're like - everyone is like a big family.

Dean McDermott: Yes, lots of extended aunts and uncles.

Tori Spelling: Yes, exactly.

And Tori how do you think that you would have faired, you know if there had been like a huge reality show wave during your childhood and maybe you guys had had reality TV cameras in your house. Like do you think the Spelling family show would have ever worked?

Tori Spelling: That's hard to say because I feel like things happen when - when people are ready for them. You know whether people would have been ready for reality TV, you know back then. There's a reason that its taking off now and people are so obsessed with it. And I don't know if they would have been as accepting. For me personally, I think it would have been a good thing, because I grew up with people having such misconceptions about who I was based, you know what I grew up with that maybe they would have known, you know way back then that I was a really nice person, really down to earth. And I wouldn't have had to deal with, you know 20 years of bullshit.

And for both of you guys, do you have any like unique family traditions maybe from your childhood or growing up or anything that you've passed down to your own kids that they really enjoy?

Tori Spelling: Well I know my hope and dream is a family tradition would be the family dinner. It's funny because we talk about it all of the time and we're still trying to make that a reality because we're so busy. But my goal is, essentially because I didn't have it as a child, is to have like the, you know 6:00 p.m. family dinner every single night where we all sit down and have dinner together and talk as a family. That's one of the goals I want to achieve.

That's a good one. What about you Dean? Anything?

Dean McDermott: That's what I would love as well because up until my mom passed away, we would have Sunday dinner. And, you know it didn't matter what my sisters and their boyfriends and husbands were doing at the time, you cleared your schedule for Sunday dinner. And, you know sat around eating dry roast beef and over cooked potatoes but it was all about spending time with the family. So, that's a tradition I would love to start.

There's a long list of couples who split up after being in couple shows. The show probably wasn't to blame necessarily, but I suppose if there were problems already present the show probably didn't help and you guys seem to be immune to that and good on you all for that. But when launching the show did you ever have any misgivings about the causality rate from couples of shows?

Tori Spelling: Well Dean didn't know about the celebrity couples reality show curse.

Dean McDermott: I had no idea.

Tori Spelling: It wasn't until after we, you know.

Dean McDermott: Made our deal.

Tori Spelling: Did our deal at Oxygen and it was like, okay by the way there's this little curse that goes around.

Dean McDermott: Yes, I didn't buy - I didn't buy it then and I don't buy it now. I mean, you know everybody is different and, you know it's unfortunate that it did happen to other couples and I just don't believe its going to happen to us.

Tori Spelling: I have a theory why it hasn't happened to us if you want.

Yes please.

Tori Spelling: My theory is I think the way dynamics are set up with couples and married couples there's a lot of - most of the time married couples don't spend all day and night together. You know they're not together 24/7. They either go off to separate jobs or, you know the husband at the job, the mom is home, you know wife is home. So it's a different dynamic. They see each other for - at nights or on weekends. And with us we are together all of the time anyways. So being thrown into a situation where we were suddenly together 24/7 that's just our reality. So I think a lot of couples can't handle it when all of the sudden they're being filmed because they have to spend more time together.

You might be onto something.

Tori Spelling: Long version of it.

Where in the world is your favorite travel or get away destination?

Dean McDermott: Fiji.

Tori Spelling: We'd have to go with Fiji because that's where we got married. I'm a terrified flyer, so I'd have to admit that I haven't flown that much in my lifetime. But once I met Dean I was like I want to travel, I want to you know get rid of that fear. And then we've just been so busy since we've been together working and making babies that we haven't traveled that much but we would love to.

Dean McDermott: We would love to go back to Rocia Island.

Tori Spelling: That's where we got married.

Dean McDermott: That's where we got married. It is paradise.

I just wanted to start off by asking you do you have a sense of why the show has been so successful? What do people say to you about why they enjoy watching it?

Dean McDermott: They love Dean.

And are you sharing more then you initially thought you would when you first signed on? Or did you kind of always know that you let, that you would show everything you could on camera?

Tori Spelling: I honestly didn't think much about it. I honestly just thought like I'm going to a reality show, I'm just going to show people who I am. I'm not afraid of who I am. There's been so much written about me over the years and all I could think is people just don't know me. Like they don't see. So I was happy to show them bad or good who I really was.

Dean McDermott: There were moments, you know like right out of the gate, like our very first couple of days of filming where it was just like, oh, this is too much. But, you know you get used to it and you just let your guard down and kind of bare your soul.

And Tori I just want to ask you a little bit about going back to 90210, will we see that on the show as well when you went back to film?

Tori Spelling: Yes, absolutely. And I think that's the - a great thing for the fans was because we have the, you know a lot of the same fan base, 90210 and Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood. So its great, you know they actually saw Donna return on 90210 and now with Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood they get to see the behind the scenes and see me and Jenny on set and see what it was like to film 90210. So I think it will be a big treat for the fans.

And are you open to coming back next season on the show as well?

Tori Spelling: Yes definitely I had a great time.

I just curious now they say being a parent gets easier as you age. Have you found that to be true?

Tori Spelling: Well I've only, well I've only really, I've been a parent now for two years. I've been a step mom for four years. You would know more about that, babe.

Dean McDermott: I'd say yes and no. You know with age comes wisdom, but at the same time every child is different so each child brings unique challenges. So yes you do, you learn more as you get older but you know what the great thing about it is you keep learning.

Tori Spelling: I mean it not more like you learn more as you get older, but I think you learn more because you experience more. Like everyday is a hands on, you know manual basically. You're teaching yourself how to be a parent and going through it. You're in the trenches. So each day you know more and more and get more comfortable with it.

I also want to know is there any plans for more pets? You guys going to get some more pets?

Tori Spelling: Did he say pets?

Dean McDermott: Pets, yes.

Tori Spelling: Maybe in the future, I mean I work a lot with animal rescue so I know the importance of rescuing your pets. So definitely we would probably love to rescue more in the future.

You guys mentioned Fiji. Just curious would you ever be up for letting the cameras follow you guys on vacation?

Dean McDermott: Yes, because that's another part of reality.

Tori Spelling: Yes, definitely.

Dean McDermott: It could be an interesting China vacation to relax.

Tori Spelling: With the cameras on it?

Dean McDermott: With kids running around.

Tori Spelling: Oh, yes, well we, yes. I mean we take our kids on all of our vacations.

Dean McDermott: No, I know that, but I'm saying that would be great. I think you just gave us an idea for the show.

You are celebrities and you're wealthier then most people. What makes your relatable to the public? Why do you think people are so into your lives?

Tori Spelling: I think because at the end of the day, when we're in our beds at night and we're, you know having a conversation about being a couple how much we make or where we live, I mean I know this because, you know, I'm on my Facebook all of the time and I talk with fans. And they all say the same conversation that you and Dean had last night in bed I have with my husband all of the time. That makes us as one with our everyone out there because we go through the same things. And its not about, you know where we stand economically. In society it's just more about what we do as a couple. You know we all change poopy diapers.

Right. And speaking of that, I'm just fascinated by the two of you as entrepreneurs. What makes you just keep doing these different ventures from the Inn to the French Fry business to all these other things. What is in your head that makes you keep wanting to start a new business?

Dean McDermott: Ideas. Actually coming up with ideas and we love to work. To have new experiences. So if it's viable we'll run with it.

Tori Spelling: And as Dean said the other day everyone has to provide for their family. So we just try to think of new and inventive ways that work for us, that work, you know what people would want to see coming from us to provide for our children for their future.

And what about the jewelry line Tori that you created?

Tori Spelling: Um-hum.

Why do you think that is so popular? It seems like there are a lot of celebrities coming up with jewelry lines.

Tori Spelling: I mean I'm grateful that it's popular. And I don't know why some work and some don't. I know that mine worked for me because I truly design it, its not, you know I'm not celebrity with my face attached, so suddenly and I'm like oh this necklace is great buy it. Every single piece I, you know work on designing it for months. Every single piece is something that I've created and something that I would wear myself and do in fact wear. So I think it's just like with our reality show, people relate to that because it's real. You know when businesses are organic, people relate to them.

I was wondering I'm a huge fan of the old 90210 and I was just wondering are you pleased with the new direction the show is taking? Because I see it as a lot more sexual and (glittery) then the old one. So what are your thoughts on it?

Tori Spelling: I do like the new show. You know what I knew when they said that they would release (unintelligible). I knew that first and foremost they had to make it their own thing. It couldn't be - it couldn't really be a remake, you know because people compare everything to the original. And they're always going to find fault with new shows that are trying to recreate something that was very specific to its era. And, you know 90210 was the 90s, that was that decade and it (unintelligible) those fans. So I think it's great when they pay homage to those fans. When they have a call back which they had some original cast members and some wink, wink things. But I think truly to be a stand up show they needed to create their own characters and just have a time in a Beverly Hills setting. And I think they've done a nice job of really creating their own show.

And what did your father, what did you learn from your father about producing great television?

Tori Spelling: Oh gosh, I, you know what I just would sit and watch my father for hours and see him work his magic and I don't know, all I can hope is a little bit of it kind of wore off on me.

Dean McDermott: It did. She's an amazing producer.

Tori Spelling: He was the most creative man I've ever met, besides my husband of course. But he had such an eye. The greatest thing about my dad is he loved television, he loved people. And that's the same thing about me. So when I watch a show, when I, you know read scripts, anything I do and produce and create I'm able to do it from a producer stand point and I'm able to do it from a stand point of a really fanatical TV fan, you know. And what would a girl my age what to see and a mom and a wife? You know so I'm able to see both side. And I think that's what has help me kind of create the things I've created so far.

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood premieres on Tuesday, May 26 at 10 PM ET on Oxygen.