Now that the format war is over, it appears that Toshiba has no intentions of switching sides itself. According to the Wall Street Journal, Toshiba CEO Atsutoshi Nishida stated at the press conference where they announced HD DVD's demsie, that the company has no plans to start manufacturing Blu-Ray players. Here is the relevant part of that article:

"Though the latest development is a huge setback, Mr. Nishida said Toshiba was still committed to electronics and it planned to rethink its vision for the business. In a hint of the direction the company might take, he said Toshiba might think about its role in the online video-downloading market more seriously. Toshiba has no plans to start selling Blu-ray players, he said."

Toshiba did announce at that same press conference, plans to stimulate its flash memory business. They will invest almost $16 billion into the construction two new factories in Japan, along with their American partner company SanDisk.