The iPod Video just got even more competition.

According to, the entertainment group announced a recent partnership with their "subscription-based Internet video and download application," Vongo, and Toshiba so consumers can now take their digital content on the go.

Vongo will provide content "for Toshiba's new line of gigabeat Portable Media Center (PMC) products, which will be available in capacities of 30GB and 60GB." 


What makes Vongo, launched in 2006, different is that it is "the first subscription-based service of its kind that allows consumers to download major Hollywood films and other video content over the Internet for playback on Windows-based PCs, laptops, portable devices as well as on a TV."

In addition to this, Vongo users can also "download movies and video selections onto three eligible devices of their choice for each Vongo account, allowing for multiple-viewing options and family enjoyment."


"Vongo is video on the go. For Vongo, it is all about bringing greater value to our subscribers and improving their entertainment experience. The partnership with Toshiba and its new line of gigabeat PMC devices provides further evidence of how Vongo is revolutionizing portable content and driving portability in this emerging digital entertainment space.  Consumers have said they want movies, music and photos all in one place and available to take with them wherever they go-now they can," said executive vice president of advanced services for Starz Entertainment Group, Bob Greene.  "Building on our recent service announcement, Vongo continues to look for new partnerships and opportunities to increase the value proposition. We look forward to making more partnership announcements in the future, ultimately making Vongo a crucial element for movie and entertainment enjoyment."

The current lines of gigabeat PMC's are available with 30GB and 60GB of storage capacity, a 2.4" diagonally measured QVGA color screen with 320 x 240 resolution, a new more tactile PlusTouch button and Windows Mobile Portable Media Center software, as well as an FM Tuner built in and the ability to transfer digital images for viewing directly from most digital cameras. The gigabeat PMC models are available now at $299.99 (30GB - MES30VW) and $399.99 (60GB - MES60VK) respectively.


Lastly, Vongo subscribers have unlimited access to more than 1,600 movie and video selections as well as a live, streaming Starz TV channel for a monthly cost of $9.99 and is currently offering a 14-day free trial for new subscribers. Additionally, select popular pay-per-view titles are available for $3.99 a movie. In addition to Windows-based PCs, laptops and portable devices, Vongo subscribers can also transfer their Vongo content onto a TV for optimal viewing. Vongo is currently available as a free download for broadband subscribers in the United States at