It's going to be a big April for our neighbors to the north as Toshiba will make their HD-DVD players available in Canda.

According to Yahoo!, Toshiba will be realeasing the HD-A1 and HD-XA1 models this month. In May, the company will release it's "Qosmio G30 AVPC" which "will feature an HD DVD SuperMulti double layer drive."

It is believed that the release of these players is "designed to coincide with the rapid proliferation of HD TVs in Canadian households."

"HD TVs are rapidly dominating television sales. Anyone who has enjoyed the striking colour, contrast and rich audio of HD TV will want to extend their HD experience to their media player," says Toshiba product manager, David Vitale. "Toshiba's leadership in bringing new consumer electronics to market will ensure that HD DVD players are here to stay."

The HD-A1 will cost about $699 and the HD-XA1 will be a bit more expensive at $999.