Total Recall 2: Here's a rumor coming in from Dark Horizons today. A scooper is apparently reporting that Total Recall 2 is a go, and Swartzenegger will be reteaming will Paul Verhoven to make the film instead of the third Conan, which has now been left in the dust.

"Arnie is doing this instead of a third "Conan" which recently fell through because of rights issues. Verhoven is involved (director or producer), Sharon Stone is involved, Michael Ironside is involved, Ronny Cox is involved and Lars Harrison is involved. Some guy I've never heard of Gary Goldman did a draft. Having worked on preliminary stuff for films like "Superman Lives" that never went ahead I never get too excited about these things, because they have a tendency to fall through. This one's not targeted until at least Summer 2004 or Fall 2005 so it's a long ways off"

Our take:

Don't get your hopes up yet. But, if this does happen with the people supposedly grabbing onto the project, we could see very huge comeback for the big guy.

X-Men 2: The official trailer for the X-Men sequel will be appearing online sometime within next week on Yahoo! Movies. Just as well, we could be seeing the trailer in front of another fan favorite, Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, on December 18th! Stay tuned to Lights Out for more details!

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: A picture of Merry & Pippin riding Treebeard is up at Check it out, javascript:;|CLICK HERE

Helldorado: The first image from the movie, which stars The Rock & Seann William Scott, are now online courtesy of Backstage Wrestling. CLICK HERE

Shazam!: According to Variety, New Line Cinema is hoping to adapt DC Comic, Shazam!,into a feature length film:

New Line Cinema is teaming with DC Comics to create a feature based on the classic comicbook "Shazam!" New Line is in final negotiations with DC to acquire feature rights on the 60-year-old title, in which mild-mannered Billy Batson discovers that he can call on the powers of an ancient Egyptian wizard, Shazam, and thereafter undertakes heroic exploits.

Comics industry vet and "Batman" franchise exec producer Michael Uslan will serve as executive producer on the project.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}"We're pleased to be developing one of the gems of our library with one of our sister companies," said DC publisher Paul Levitz. DC and New Line are both owned by AOL Time Warner.

New Line is apparently also in the works to strike a deal for Frank Miller's DC Comic, Ronin. Stay tuned for more details to come...

Hunter:DH scored a scoop today on Sylvester Stallone's rumored next flick, Hunter:

"Stallone was in Japan over the last couple of days at Universal Studios and the Japan and UK press are already gossiping what Sly and director Luc Besson might make together. The film being rumored is none other than HUNTER...based off a novel by James Byron Huggins. Yes, Hunter is one of the movies Sly had in that 60 million 3 picture contract Sly signed in 1995 that was later terminated in 2000 that would pay him 20 million for the sci-fi epic. Stallone and Besson are said to be adapting and writing the screenplay together with Sly producing it and Besson directing. Stallone was at Universal Studios when the rumor broke. If the film is even directed half as good as the novel, it will KICK ASS on so many levels".

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up.

Seabiscuit: Live in LA? Want to be in Seabiscuit, which stars Tobey Macguire & William H. Macy, and dress the part of a 30's racetrack goer? CLICK HERE for details.

Scary Movie 3: Dimension Films have inked a deal with Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy) to executive produce, as well as co-write Scary Movie 3. David Zucker of Naked Gun fame has signed on to direct the film.

Spider-man 3: It's a big arm wresting match for roles in the 3rd Spider-man film. According to The New York Post, Vin Diesel and The Rock are up for the part of Venom, while Christian Bale and Sam Rockwell are up for the part of Carnage.

{@IMG:nniq78q434ZQq0gxLsTBkpDiewqskf|Movie [email protected]}Tortured Souls: Here's a little meat for the grinder we reported on almost a year ago now. Hans Rodionoff is set to write the screenplay for the upcoming Clive barker project, Tortured Souls. Recently, Creature-Corner caught up with the screenwriter and asked a bunch of questions about the deal:

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JB: It's really an amazing deal, how did you get involved with the move in the first place?
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HR: I’ve always been something of a Clive Barker freak, I still maintain that 'Hellraiser' is one of the best horror movies ever, and the Books of Blood are just a great read. I wrote a script based on the life of H.P. Lovecraft and sensing that Clive drew inspiration from Lovecraftian themes, I thought he might respond to it. So, I asked my agent to send it to his agent in standard Hollywood fashion. Joe Daley read the script and liked it, and had me come in to talk about possibly doing something together. This was all a long time before Tortured Souls, and all that Joe and I really knew was that we shared sensibilities and I think we both knew that a collaboration would be fun for both of us. So, that’s how I got in the door at Seraphim Films, which eventually led to the Tortured Souls.

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JB: We had heard they were picking the person that would write the script based on ideas submitted in an outlined form, is that pretty much what happened?
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HR: Well, that’s mostly right. I’m sure you and your readers know all about how Clive and Todd started building this bizarre little universe, so I won’t go back that far. After they sold it to Universal, Clive disappeared into his dungeon, or his ivory tower, or wherever his muse lives, and wrote up a treatment for the movie he had envisioned. Then the producers (Universal, Clive and Todd) made a small list of six writers that they wanted to approach. Thankfully, I was one of those writers. I got the treatment, and just got giddy over it. So, we six lucky mongroids went in and pitched our hearts out, and then the Scythe-Meister narrowed the herd to three. Again, thankfully, I made it to the second round. The three of us had a couple of weeks to get our final pitch together. I didn’t sleep much for those couple of weeks. The big day finally came, and I remember wanting to puke before I went in to the room. When I got inside there were about 20 people (I’m only exaggerating slightly), turning their expectant eyes on me. I felt like Eminem in the beginning of '8 Mile'. In fact, I think Todd McFarlane might have been chanting “Choke! Choke! Choke!” But I didn’t choke, and I guess my passion for the project came through.

For the full interview, CLICK HERE

Creature From The Black Lagoon:Blade 2 director, Guillermo Del Toro will be remaking The Creature From The Black Lagoon sooner or later for Universal. In a recent interview with Fangoria Del Toro spoke of how he wants to portray and develop the creature onscreen:

“I’ll be given carte blanche to develop the story, although I will bring in another writer,” he continues. “I want to set the story in Victorian times during the exploration of the Amazon. The original Creature was essentially King Kong, but I want to make it more a ‘beauty and the beast’ fable. I want the look and feel to be akin to Jules Verne’s tales like 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA. I want to increase the horror edge and make it really scary, because my archaeological explorers will discover an area of the Amazon that has been kept on a tangential track of evolution alongside mankind. So there will be giant carnivorous squid, prehistoric sharks and weird alternate lifeforms that shouldn’t really exist in such a fresh-water environment. Fish do truly have either an angelic or devilish quality, and I want to play on that.

“The Creature will be the Man of this exotic world,” Del Toro explains. “He will be very smart and able to turn the tables on his human hunters. I have a scene where the hunters find fossil remains and realize that the Creature’s brain cavity is larger than a human one. He’s not the lumbering, roaring monster of Ricou Browning’s day, but a sophisticated Gill Man that will come to life through a mix of CGI and a man in a suit. In the original film, the Creature falls in love with the Julie Adams character. The twist in my version is that the girl will also fall in love with him. I want her to almost get it on with the Creature!”

Stay tuned...