Colin Farrell has emerged as the top contender for the lead role in the upcoming Total Recall remake, according to Heat Vision Blog.

Actors such as Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy are also mentioned as top candidates, although it is said that no offers are out to any actors at the moment. We reported at the end of July that Len Wiseman is directing the movie, although we hadn't heard much more about this project until today's news broke.

Kurt Wimmer is writing the script, which modernizes the original 1990 Total Recall movie, which was based on a Philip K. Dick short story entitled We Can Remember It For You Wholesale. It wasn't stated if Kurt Wimmer's script will deal with the theme of reality vs. delusion, with the audience not knowing for sure if the movie is a dream or not.

The remake is aiming at a March start date, and it isn't known yet if these actors will be available or not. We reported in June that Colin Farrell is in talks to star in By Virtue Fall with Eric Bana, which is set to go into production this January.