The Good

A warmhearted show that wears it's heart on it's sleeve.

The Bad

No Special Features. Only 14 episodes.

Like Highway to Heaven before it, Touched by an Angel: The Complete Third Season, Vol. 2 is an episodic show about three angels who come to earth to help mortals solve their problems. There's Monica (Roma Downey), Tess (Della Reese), and Andrew (John Dye). No matter what the situation, whether it's a priest who is questioning his faith ("Crisis of Faith"), bar goers who no longer believe in miracles ("Last Call"), or a young man trying to cope with losing his father ("Inherit the Wind"), Touched by an Angel is never afraid to spread it's faith to all who are willing and open to it.

While it might not play to some, I found Touched by an Angel: The Complete Third Season, Vol. 2 to be a great joy to watch.

I must be getting swept up in the holiday spirit.


No Special Features came with this DVD.


Full Screen Format. This show would play like a normal 1990s TV show if there wasn't a glowing, smoke tinged feel to every frame. I always got the impression that the people creating this show were trying to give off the idea that there are other forces around. That amidst whatever pain we might see in someone's life, they are not alone in their suffering. The shows on these discs are super clear, almost making this show seem stilted were it not for the subject matter.


Dolby Digital. English and Spanish Stereo. I recall having to turn up the audio on my TV a little higher than normal for these discs. There are most likely multiple reasons for this, and I highly think that since 2003 (or, even 1994) these episodes have deteriorated that much. Still, everything sounds good even if some of the writing on the show is a bit generic. Overall, I think these discs play fine and the audience buying them is probably not even going to notice if the sound isn't 100% pristine.


Roma Downey is front and center with Della Reese and John Dye behind her. Below them is a long road with light from the heavens shining through the clouds on this orange imbued cover. The back features more shots of the cast, most if which look like promo shots taken during this show's run. There is a brief description of what Touched by an Angel is about, and some minor system specs on the back and bottom portions of this slipcase cover. The four discs that make up this set are packed into two slim cases, with the same front cover shot of our trio on both of them (they have just changed up the colors). There are more pictures on the back covers as well as episode listings and descriptions. CBS has done a good packaging job, the only problem is they released this 4 disc set in a volume and not in an entire season.

Final Word

I had heard about this show when it aired in the 1990s but I had no clue that it played until 2003. In total, Touched by an Angel played for 9 seasons, and something tells me that in 2003 it only went off the air because the formula for the show had finally played itself out. Still, 9 years is a more than respectable run and I think that Della Reese, John Dye, and Roma Downey were all perfectly cast to bring a little love into the world. We are all at some point or another going to experience tragedy. It is simply one of those facts of life that we have to accept. However, it's always nice when someone helps us get through those moments, and this show was able to show people who might think they are alone, that there is always someone or something in their lives for them to turn to.

While not something that I think lovers of Saw III are going to want, Touched by an Angel: The Complete Third Season, Vol. 2 touched me in a profound way.

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