On behalf of GKIDS, we are thrilled to share the new trailer and poster from A Town Called Panic: Double Fun. The dynamic comedic visual comes from Academy Award-nominated directors Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar. Join Cowboy and Indian as they embark on their latest wild and crazy adventures in two new specials, Christmas Panic & Back to School Panic.

This exciting animated sequel is hitting select theaters on September 24th for one day only! So saddle up and take another trip to A Town Called Panic, with two award-winning new specials from the directors of the first zany feature film and the Academy Award-nominated Ernest & Celestine! Lovers of the weird and wonderful certainly don't want to miss this eye-popping treat.

With disarming wit and hilarious visuals, A Town Called Panic: Double Fun revels in the simple setup of three plasticine toys sent on increasingly surreal and freewheeling adventures. Cowboy and Indian are always up to some harebrained scheme. And it's Horse who is always left to clean up the mess!

In Christmas Panic, Cowboy and Indian's out-of-control antics lead Horse to call Santa and cancel the presents. But the boys figure they can still save Christmas. If they break into their neighbor's house to steal his yule log!

In Back to School Panic, a class assignment yields a special prize, but only Pig knows the answer. Cowboy and Indian use a special shrinking potion to sneak into Pig's brain. There, they discover a sodium-packed world of pig cops riding in bacon cars and sausage cycles. It's as crazy as it sounds.

These new short films continue the brilliant, over-the-top visual inventiveness that has given the series a dedicated cult following. It all arrives with a classic slapstick comedy sensibility that is perfect for all ages. This special Art House Theater Day release continues the fun with an intermission featuring two classic A Town Called Panic shorts, Lisa & Jan and Cow-Hulk, where ill-behaved European backpackers and an alien microbe cause even more mayhem! Check out the trailer, the poster and four new images thanks to GKIDS before embarking on this wild adventure.

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