Legendary Entertainment has announced that they have acquired the rights for a new The Toxic Avenger movie. The cult-classic franchise focuses on the iconic stereotype-defying superhero Toxie, who is disfigured and radioactive after falling into a vat of toxic waste. However, the best news about the new project is that Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz of Troma Entertainment will serve as producers, which means that this should be right on par with the rest of the franchise and won't be like the new Child's Play remake that is being made without its creator.

The Toxic Avenger follows Tromaville, New Jersey's monstrous protector as an unorthodox hero. After falling into the toxic waste, he's transformed into a repulsive-yet-lovable mutant hero who stands up to bullies and corruption. Toxie is truly the hero that we all need right now. So far, Legendary and Troma have only announced their partnership and have not announced a cast or production start for the highly anticipated project, which means that a release date has not been set either. However, more news about the Toxic Avenger movie should be coming in the next few months.

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The Toxic Avenger made his debut in 1984 and is widely known as the movie that "built the house of Troma." The franchise later expanded across three sequels, a stage musical production, a children's cartoon TV series, as well as a Marvel Comic. Lloyd Kaufman originally had the loose idea for the movie back in 1975 and had it taking place at a health club, but he later tweaked it over the years. Toxie was originally going to be known as the "Monster Hero," but it was later changed to The Toxic Avenger during the post-production phase.

Upon its release, the first Toxic Avenger movie received mix reviews, with many not knowing what to think about the horror comedy. However, it is now considered to be a cult classic, which means that it's going to be hard to live up to when Legendary and Troma start filming on the new movie. While the sequels all had varying quality, it will be up to the new project to set a new precedent to possibly start a new take on the franchise, like David Gordon Green's Halloween.

Troma Entertainment is currently celebrating its 44th year. It is currently the longest running independent movie studio in North America and it's finally nice to hear talks of a new Toxic Avenger movie after not hearing about it for so long. Arnold Schwarzenegger was rumored to be attached at one time and so was Guillermo del Toro. But, it looks like plans have changed a lot in the last 2-3 years. Let's hope that we get some news about the project in the coming months. For now, we'll have to keep a close eye on the Troma website for more information. This is a developing story.