Toy Story 3 Blu-rayToy Story 3 brought the return of Woody, Buzz and the rest of Pixar's classic animated characters to DVD and Blu-ray last week and it was an easy win on all three home video charts, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Toy Story 3, which is still the highest-grossing theatrical movie of the year with $414.3 million, easily swept the DVD sales, DVD rentals and Blu-ray sales charts in its first week on the shelves. The second-place finisher on the DVD sales charts was the HBO mini-series The Pacific, which was outsold by Toy Story 3 by a staggering margin of 10 to 1. The only other notable new release last week was the The Sound of Music 45th Anniversary Blu-ray release, which took fifth place on the overall sales charts and second place on the BD sales charts.

Toy Story 3 Blu-ray sold 33% of all its units in the BD format. The DVD rental win is mostly due to the fact that Disney is one of the few studios that do not delay their new releases on Netflix and Redbox. For instance, The Karate Kid jumped from sixth place in rentals to second place this week after the 28-day rental window on Netflix and Redbox expired.

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