Toy Story 3 Blu-rayPixar's animated toys could not be stopped on the home video charts once more with Toy Story 3 repeating atop the Blu-ray and DVD sales charts for the second week in a row, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Toy Story 3's repeat win was a fairly close race, though. New comedy release Grown Ups finished second place on the DVD sales and Blu-ray sales charts, selling approximately 80% as many units as Toy Story 3 during the week ending November 14. Grown Ups did finish in first place on DVD rental charts, knocking Toy Story 3 into second place in rentals.

Three other theatrical releases finished in the top 10 in DVD sales this week, with Ramona and Beezus taking third place in DVD sales, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World landing in fourth place and Charlie St. Cloud taking eighth place.

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Although Toy Story 3 topped the Blu-ray sales charts, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World had an impressive third-place finish on the BD sales charts, with a gigantic 51% of all units sold coming in the 1080p format.