The wildly successful Toy Story 4 is coming to Blu-ray soon and the bonus features are causing a stir. The home version of the masterful animated family movie offers a look at what could have been in an alternate ending that, quite frankly, goes against everything the film had to say. In the clip, the director, Josh Cooley, had this to say:

"Finding the ending of a movie is extremely hard, especially a Toy Story film where you want it to be really impactful and really emotional."
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What they came up with initially was jarring to say the least. The clip continues with the sketched storyboard version of a scene in which Bo and Woody have reached the end and accomplished what they set out to do. After a quick celebratory embrace, Bo sees a young girl in a store who we're led to believe is Harmony, the child Gabby Gabby spent most of the movie chasing. Bo immediately stared longingly at "the girl from the store" saying, "she's the one. I feel a connection again, Woody. Like I'm supposed to be her toy." Woody seems to easily accept that he has to let go of the woman who in another ending rides into the sunset with him. In the alternate storyboard, he says this.

"Molly, Andy, Bonnie, all these kids, we're there for them. We belong to them, but I want you to know I'm yours, and I always will be."

Luckily, the filmmakers allowed the story to take its natural course instead. The finished project sees Woody making the decision to leave his devoted fellow toys and his sweet owner, Bonnie, to set off on his own journey with Bo Peep.

There is no way of knowing whether the switch is any indication of Toy Story's future. Against all odds, Pixar was able to pull off a fourth film after a perfect conclusion to a universally loved trilogy. Toy Story 4 grossed over $1 billion at the box office, and went down as yet another heartfelt Disney Pixar film that teaches life lessons through lovable and loyal characters. As of now, there have no announcements about furthering the franchise in feature films.

Some of its characters, however, will live on. At D23 last month, Disney announced its plans to add short films to its streaming platform Disney+. It's likely these will include the past shorts that have featured Toy Story characters in precarious situations, like a support group for forgotten toys, for example. Among the new projects is a series of 10 shorts featuring Tony Hale's Forky in Forky Asks a Question where Hale's child-made character will ask questions about how the world works and set off on a journey to find the answers.

Toy Story 4 will be available digitally on October 1, and will hit store shelves a week later on October 8. Until then, be sure to check out what could have been in the clip released by Entertainment Weekly.