The already impressive voice cast of Toy Story 4 just got even more impressive, as several comedy legends are set to voice new characters in the Pixar sequel. Mel Brooks, Betty White, Carol Burnett and Carl Reiner are all voicing old toys in the movie and, what's more, the toys are all going to have pun-heavy names that nod to the comedians in real life. To top it all off, we have a new image that shows off the icons as they will appear on screen.

According to a new report, 92-year-old Young Frankenstein director Mel Brooks voices an elephant named Melephant Brooks. Legendary TV star Carol Burnett, 86, voices a children's seat, quite naturally, named Chairol Burnett, whereas comedy genius Carl Reiner, 97, plays a pink rhino named Carl Reineroceros. Last, but certainly not least, the 97-year-old Golden Girls icon Betty White plays a teething toy named Bitey White. Brooks had this to say about the franchise he's now going to be a part of.

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"The 'Toy Story' movies are not only great fun, but they have a lot of heart."

Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner are longtime friends and director Josh Cooley actually recorded their lines together. The scene in question that will feature these old toys who have since been more or less abandoned by Bonnie, the girl who inherited Andy's toys at the end of Toy Story 3. At one point, Woody (Tom Hanks) finds himself in the same place as these toys and begins to question his place within Bonnie's life. Cooley had this to say about it.

"They've done their job and are just kind of waiting around for what happens next. And now that Woody's in there, they're accepting him into their circle and he's already pushing against that. Sometimes toys fall in and out of favor. I look at my own kid and stuff that was the favorite toy yesterday is now in the closet. We wanted to show that Woody's new life in this bedroom is not exactly what he thought it was going to be."

What's particularly interesting is when this franchise started out in the 90s, it was being aimed at kids. Or, at the very least, the family crowd. That's not to say Toy Story 4 won't be doing that, but there are certainly themes of nostalgia at play and it's quite clear that Disney and Pixar are aware older audience members will be turning up to see Woody and the gang later this month. It's unlikely a young kid would have any idea why people like Mel Brooks and Betty White are so important and why, for certain audience members, this is going to be a real treat.

This will probably be the last Pixar sequel coming our way for a while, as the studio is said to be focusing on original movies for a bit, with Onward set to arrive in theaters next March. Toy Story 4 is set to arrive in theaters on June 21. Be sure to check out the brand new photo below. This was first reported by USA Today.

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