Disney/Pixar are going wild with their Toy Story 4 reveals. Yesterday, we got the first teaser trailer and poster, the later of which featured Woody tipping his hat to old friends. Earlier today we got the second teaser and poster, both of which introduced new characters Bunny and Ducky. Now, we get two more character posters, and they're pretty special.

Up first is the return of Buzz Lightyear. The iconic space toy is appearing in his fourth feature film, along with a number of shorts and TV specials. He's still a big draw at Disney theme parks, and he's had one heck of a run since first being introduced in 1995's Toy Story, which literally became a phenomenon.

Buzz is seen here looking as stoic as ever, his fists down by his side, helmet off, he looks ready to soar to infinity and beyond. Unfortunately, infinity in Toy Story 4 means a trip to the local carnival, where he'll encounter a couple of stuffed animals named Bunny and Ducky, who only want to be won and loved. Along with Woody, Buzz will screw up their plan most heinously.

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What are Buzz and Woody doing at a carnival? That's a good question. And it all begins with Forky. Forky is a new makeshift toy that is introduced to Bonnie's bedroom in Toy Story 4. He's been fashioned out of a spork with the help of some pipe cleaners, a couple of googley eyes, a rubber band and a little red crayon for rogue.

Forky is seen in his character poster holding a real plastic fork and spoon. The guy is having an existential crisis in Toy Story 4. He doesn't believe he belongs with the other toys in Bonnie's bedroom. He wants to fulfill his wish to become a utensil, and carry out his fate as a disposable piece of plastic that goes inside a human mouth only to be thrown away minutes later. The character was introduced in the first Toy Story 4 footage released just yesterday.

Woody will attempt to save Forky from his grisly fate. But it might already be too late as Woody, Buzz and the other toys we've come to know and love set off on a new road trip adventure that will bring them a lot of joy, misery, excitement and new experiences.

Tony Hale is starring as Forky. He might be best known as Buster from Arrested Development. He also plays Gary Walsh on the hit HBO series VEEP. Also new to the cast and introduced earlier today are Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael Key as Ducky and Bunny. There will be more new toys introduced in the coming weeks, with a few more surprises planned by Disney before we get the full length trailer.

So, welcome back Buzz Lightyear, who is getting ready for his most exciting and emotional adventure yet. And welcome Forky to the fold, he needs all the encouragement he can muster. Some Pixar fans are not taking too kindly to this piece of yelling plastic. But that's kind of the point, right? These posters were delivered by Pixar this morning.

Buzz Lightyear Character Poster <strong><em>Toy Story 4</em></strong>
Forky Character Poster <strong><em>Toy Story 4</em></strong>
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