Last weekend proved to be a brutal one for a couple of high-profile summer sequels. Men In Black: International won the weekend with a not-so out of this world $30 million. Shaft, meanwhile, made just $8.9 million. This weekend, however, sees the arrival of a new sheriff in town, as Disney and Pixar are set to unleash Toy Story 4, which looks to clean up in a big way. This is also shaping up to be the battle of the toys, as Orion's Child's Play remake is also set to arrive. Elsewhere, Lionsgate is debuting the action/thriller Anna, but likely to disastrous results.

Toy Story 4 is expected to, very easily, win the weekend box office. Estimates have the highly-anticipated sequel bringing in $140 million, which will make this yet another huge win for Disney. Many figured Toy Story 3, released in 2010, was an appropriate end to the franchise. So this was something of a gamble for the studio. One that is going to pay off though, as critics have been incredibly kind to director Josh Cooley's entry in the beloved series. As of this writing, it boasts a 98 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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On the other side of the fence, we have a much less friendly toy in the form of Chucky, who returns to the big screen in this new take on Child's Play. Lars Klevberg is in the director's chair for the reboot, which marks the first time in the history of the horror franchise that the continuity has been broken. This time around, Chucky, voiced by Star Wars icon Mark Hamill, will be portrayed as a technologically advanced, killer doll.

The horror flick doesn't stand a chance against Woody, Buzz and the gang, but that hasn't stopped the marketing department from trying. Several Child's Play posters have depicted Chucky killing characters from the Toy Story series. That clever marketing looks to pay off to the tune of between $16 and $18 million. If critics respond kindly to the remake, that number could be pushed just a bit higher.

Anna, the latest from director Luc Besson, is expected to crash and burn. Despite opening on more than 2,000 screens, it's going to be lucky to nab $4 million. Awareness for the female-driven action flick is rather low and this could be another bomb that Lionsgate simply can't afford. Elsewhere, Shaft, Dark Phoenix and Men In Black: International are also going to see pretty big drop-offs, which will only serve to add insult to injury.

Another casualty will be Mindy Kaling's buzzy comedy Late Night. Much like Booksmart before it, audiences just aren't turning up for comedies right now, buzzy as they may be. The movie, which co-stars Emma Thompson, is probably going to drop out of the top ten after just one week. Be sure to check out our full list of weekend box office predictions below and check back with us on Sunday for the weekend estimates. Some figures used in this report were provided by Box Office Mojo.

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