No one thought it was going to happen. Most expected that the Toy Story gang were going to be relegated to Pixar shorts for the rest of eternity. Toy Story 3 was said to be the end of a trilogy, and the end of the big screen movie series as well. But nothing this great ever stays dormant for long. The team at Disney Pixar devised a new story they felt was worthy of the big screen, and thus Toy Story 4 was born. At this weekend's D23 presentation, director of the movie John Lasseter arrived to talk about the sequel and its love story. We have that presentation, along with an interview featuring the man himself.

Disney's D23 Expo kicked off Friday with a massive three-hour panel that showcased the 20th Anniversary of Toy Story, while looking forward to Toy Story 4, arriving in theaters June 16, 2017. Pixar Animation Studios' John Lasseter, who's one of Pixar's three founders, celebrated 20 years since Toy Story transformed the animation industry and the art of storytelling. Lasseter welcomed to the stage iconic two-time Oscar-winning songwriter and longtime Pixar collaborator Randy Newman, whose Pixar credits include Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc. and Cars. Pixar Animation Studios marks the 20th Anniversary of "Toy Story" this year. About that, John Lasseter had tis to say.

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"All the characters from 'Toy Story'-especially Woody and Buzz-are so close to us. They seem more like family members than just creations. Not only do we dearly love the characters, but we also love the world of 'Toy Story'-the world where toys come to life when people are not in the room has always been rich with many story possibilities."

Also joining in the celebration this past Friday were Toy Story 4 co-director Josh Cooley and producer Galyn Susman. Screenwriters Rashida Jones and Will McCormack joined Buzz, Woody and Bo Peep for the celebration. John Lasseter revealed earlier on Friday that the plot centers on the love story between Woody and Bo-Peep. It was also revealed that Bo Peep goes missing, and Buzz and Woody team-up to find her. Their search for Bo Peep, who was either lost or sold at a garage sale, turns up plenty of new characters who will be revealed at a later date. Here's what the filmmaker had to say.

"I'm very proud of our films. When we made the first three Toy Story films, we didn't realize what we had done was to change the genre of each of the films' story. For Toy Story 4, we are doing a type of story we have not done before: a love story. It's a story about a relationship between Woody and Bo Peep. "

Toy Story 4 will once again feature the voices of Tom Hanks as Woody the Cowboy, Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear the Astronaut and Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head. No new footage was revealed at D23, but a teaser poster was seen on the Anaheim convention center floor. We have the panel video featuring John Lasseter. He followed this up with an insightful interview. What do you think? Are you super excited for this next chapter in the Toy Story saga?

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