Woody is the main focus of the first Toy Story 4 poster. Disney and Pixar dropped a surprise Toy Story 4 teaser trailer for the highly anticipated sequel this morning, which introduced a new character into the fold named Forky. The nervous little spork is going to have a pretty big impact on the story, but it's Woody who is the star of this new poster, and rightfully so. Woody and Buzz are the lead characters of the franchise, so we can more than likely expect a Buzz poster next.

The sparse Toy Story 4 poster features Woody all on his own, tipping his hat and welcoming us to the promotional campaign for the sequel. Elsewhere, the poster just features the words, "June 2019." It's a simple poster with a light brown background, which gives it a stylish look, while also teasing that something dark may be ahead. There's no bright colors that you would usually associate with the Toy Story franchise to be found, which could be for the western look of the character.

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Tom Hanks, who voices Woody, has hyped up Toy Story 4 quite a bit, noting how emotional he was during the final day of recording. The actor usually faces the creative team while delivering his lines, but he chose to turn his back on them for the final day in the studio. Hanks also stated that the movie is "historic," which is a pretty bold claim, especially considering the magnitude of the third movie. Many Toy Story fans believe that the franchise should have wrapped with the last installment.

The official synopsis for Toy Story 4 reveals that the movie is going to be a road trip movie that introduces Forky to the world. While Forky, who is voiced by Tony Hale, seems like a gimmicky way for Disney and Pixar to sell sporks, there's a lot going on in the nervous character's head. He's not sure where he belongs, but he apparently doesn't think that he fits in with the rest of the cast, as evidenced by the teaser trailer that was released earlier today. Will Forky be the new face of Toy Story? That's not clear at the moment, but there will definitely be some sporks for sale at Disneyland real soon.

After the success of the first three movies, Toy Story 4 has a lot to live up to. Huge shakeups behind-the-scenes have not been helpful, nor have the delays that have gone on over the years. There's a lot going against the sequel at this time, but Tim Allen and Tom Hanks are confident that the fourth installment will fit in with the rest of the franchise, possibly even being better than the previous installments. That remains to be seen, but you can check out the awesome first Toy Story 4 poster featuring Woody below, thanks to the Disney Pixar Twitter account.

Toy Story Teaser poster