We still have a couple of years to wait until Toy Story 4 arrives in theaters, but maybe the movie will finally answer a question that many of us probably haven't even asked ourselves. Or maybe it won't, but there is an interesting question regarding Woody that you may never have thought about. Woody most definitely has a holster for a gun in all three Toy Story movies, but he doesn't have a gun. So, where is Woody's gun? A new YouTube video has set out to answer that question.

A video that was recently uploaded to the SuperCarlinBrothers YouTube channel decided to try and explore this strange fact about Toy Story. The video wasn't able to uncover any specific reason why Woody doesn't have a gun, but there is a lot of strange, circumstantial evidence that is presented, seeming to confirm that there is no concrete reason the character can't have a gun. The video makes some very good points, like examining that one of Woody's build in catchphrases is an allusion to him having a gun.

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"The very first thing he says on screen is 'Reach for the sky." It's a built in phrase? Why include that in the toy if there's no gun?"

Perhaps the most obvious reason that people might think would come into play for Woody not having a gun would be that Disney and Pixar simply wouldn't want him to have one. But the video seems to debunk that theory in a hurry. It is quick to point out that Mr. Potatohead is featured holding a gun the very first time we see him in Toy Story, and Buzz Lightyear, the other main character, has a laser built into his suit. Yes, as Woody loves to point out, it is not actually a laser. Rather, it is "a little lightbulb that blinks." But still, it is a toy depicted as having a weapon. Also, the army men have guns, even though the guns don't shoot, but they are there.

Another confusing bit of examination in the video comes when looking at Toy Story 2 for clues. Al, who finds Woody at the garage sale in the movie, has every bit of memorabilia from Woody's Roundup, the show Woody was famous for in Toy Story. When he finds Woody, he is careful to note every detail, including the hat, which he initially thought to be missing. So, Al would definitely have noticed if Woody were missing a gun. This implies the toy never had a gun in the first place. Yet, when we see Al's collection, there is a toy gun that shoots rubber darts, implying that Woody did have a gun on the show. However, the video did come up with something of an explanation for the lack of gun, which came from the Toy Story 3 Video game.

"In the Toy Story 3 Video Game, there's a collectible item called the Woody's Roundup Card. And one of those cards is called, wait for it, Gunless Law. Woody's empty holster isn't a mistake, it's a statement. A statement that Woody believes in non-violent resolution. A reminder to friend and foe of the kind of justice Woody practices."

The odds of this being formally addressed in Toy Story 4 are slim to none, so this may be the best answer we are going to get to this puzzling question. Give the lack of a solid answer, this will probably make your next viewing of a Toy Story movie a little different. Be sure to check out the full video for yourself below.