The new year starts with a bang, as Taylor Lautner kicks things into high gear with his new action thriller Tracers! Coming exclusively to DirecTV in January, followed by a theatrical release in March, Lionsgate has released the first domestic trailer for this tale of intrigue and suspense, which also features Marie Avgeropoulos.

Tracers showcases a dynamic athletic performance from Taylor Lautner, who is seen doing many of his own stunts. This is mixed with both the beauty and street-smart toughness of Marie Avgeropoulos, delivering an action-packed fast-paced ride that literally jumps across the screen. The adventure also offers Taylor Lautner a chance to showcase his own unique style of parkour.

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After he crashes his bike into a super-sexy stranger named Nikki (Avgeropoulos), Cam (Lautner) is introduced to her crew, a team that uses parkour to pull off heists. Hoping to alleviate his deepening debt to a violent crime gang, Cam quickly joins the group.  As the stakes get higher with more dangerous side ventures, the payouts get bigger.  Cam must use every ounce of his skill to stay alive as the crew's heists grow more daring with each job, and gang enforcers breathe relentlessly down his neck. Check out this latest footage, and hold on for the ride of your life!