The very funny Canadian sitcom Trailer Park Boys will finally debut it's big screen adaptation in the states on January 25th of this year. According to Variety, Trailer Park Boys: The Movie will open in limited release in both Los Angeles and New York.

The film is a mockumentary that revolves around life in a neighborhood trailer park in Nova Scotia. The show is a pop culture phenomenon in Canada, but has yet to really crack an audience in the states. For a while, an edited version of the show ran late at night on BBC America. But it is no longer being aired in the U.S.

Screen Media president Robert Baruc says about the release, "We don't do 2,000-screen releases, so we've been looking for films that have a possibility of breaking out by opening them in a few theaters around the country. I think this has the best chance of breaking out of any of the films we'll be releasing this year."

After its limited run, the film will go wider on February 1st.