Director Danny Boyle (127 Hours; Slumdog Millionaire) returns to the big screen this spring with his hypnotic crime thriller Trance, starring James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson, and Vincent Cassel. While the regular green band trailer gave us our first look into this underground crime world, Fox Searchlight Pictures is taking us even deeper inside with a new red band trailer. James McAvoy stars as Simon, an art dealer, who joined forces with a band of thieves to steal a priceless Goya painting, except not all went according to plan. When Simon comes to, after double-crossing his crew, he can't seem to remember where he stashed the painting. This sudden bout of amnesia leads the gang leader Frank (Vincent Cassel) to bring on a hypnotherapist (Rosario Dawson) to delve deep into Simon's psyche and procure the location of their valuable loot. Take a look at the latest footage featuring some gruesome scenes and sexually-suggestive content that only viewers over 18 should watch.