After Transcendence fans learned a bit more about the anti-technology group Revolutionary Independence From Technology (R.I.F.T.) in yesterday's featurette, Warner Bros. has debuted two new viral videos, showcasing this extremist organization's message. The first video reveals that R.I.F.T. believes the work of Will Caster (Johnny Depp) will cause the super-computers to take over the world, putting an end to humanity's freedom, while the second showcases a massive banner that reads "Humans Are Born. Not Programmed." With this sci-fi thriller starring Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany and Kate Mara (who portrays R.I.F.T. leader Bree) set for release on April 18, stay tuned for more of these viral videos. Fans can also CLICK HERE to visit the R.I.F.T. viral website.