Seibertron has posted some brand new images of Autobots Ratchet and Ironhide from Transformers 3, which is currently filming and set for a July 1, 2011 release date, and Just Jared has also posted the first image of new cast member Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the set of the film. Click on these new images below to access our photo gallery for the highly-anticipated sequel.

Ratchet on the set of Transformers 3
Ironhide and a covered Optimus Prime on the set
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US Army Sky Warriors planes
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the set of Transformers 3

The Washington Post is also reporting that the production is running into a snag with the National Parks Service over filming in Washington D.C. Here is an excerpt from the article.

Plans are underway for portions of the third segment in the blockbuster Transformers series to be filmed in D.C. this September, a chance for the city and its businesses to reap spending on hotel rooms, meals, equipment rentals, taxi rides and temporary jobs from a production budget some have estimated to total more than $200 million.

A dispute with the Park Service, however, over where and what the film crew will be allowed to shoot has producers from Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks scaling back their plans for the city. The companies had planned a colossal number of filming days -- about 14 -- in addition to an expected month or more of time in D.C. for other production needs. Now the period of "principal photography" might be whittled down to less than a week, despite the project having director Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg at the helm.

A Paramount rep confirmed the dilemma to the site, saying, "We've gone from two weeks to 10 days to three days to seven days; I don't really know." You can CLICK HERE to read the entire article.