/is-the-dinobots-scene-for-transformers-4-being-shot-in-chicago/Yesterday, it was revealed that the pivotal Dinobots scene in Transformers 4 was being filmed at the McCormick Place Hyatt in Chicago. Today, footage from this long-anticipated moment has arrived, offering a look at the explosive action that will be taking place in China. Yes, director Michael Bay has dressed the surrounding area to resemble China, and he sets off a pretty good fireworks show to boot. As the Dinobots will be digitally created and added to the footage later, you'll have to use your imagination while watching this moment play out. Its not yet known how these fan-favorite characters will be introduced, and so far, we've only heard that they appear in one scene in the movie. Will they show up for the big climactic battle at the end of the movie just for show? Watching this footage, that may be the case. We've also heard a faint rumor that Mike Patton will not only be voicing Grimlock, but all of the Dinobots, who presumably don't have much dialogue beyond a couple of grunts and growls. Check this latest footage out, if only to hear the excitement of the folks behind the camera.

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange