Paramount Pictures president Adam Goodman recently offered several updates on the studio's upcoming projects, including Top Gun 2, Transformers 4, Noah, and the Untitled Jack Ryan Project.

When asked when the studio was planning to make another Mission: Impossible movie, the executive said they would make Top Gun 2 with Tom Cruise first.

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"We'll likely make a Top Gun sequel with Tom Cruise first. Jerry Bruckheimer would produce, with Tony Scott returning to direct. All parties are moving ahead. We've hired Peter Craig to write the script."

He also revealed that they are taking Transformers 4 in a new direction without Shia LaBeouf, although they have brought back screenwriter Ehren Kruger.

The story is going in a different direction now. Ehren Kruger [who wrote the past two Transformers movies] is writing it for us, and we're starting to engage, but I can't say anything more."

Director Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic Noah is finally moving forward, with Russell Crowe starring as the title character. We reported last week that Jennifer Connelly and Saoirse Ronan are being considered for supporting characters, and now they have been confirmed.

"It will be a big, robust production and will have tremendous scale. It's the perfect combination of casting [Russell Crowe, Saoirse Ronan and Jennifer Connelly] and a remarkable adventure. This isn't what you think of when you think of Darren, but it will be very true to him as a filmmaker. It will be PG-13 and will likely cost around $125 million."

The executive also revealed they are still planning on shooting the Untitled Jack Ryan Project after Chris Pine wraps on Star Trek 2, with a 2013 release date being considered.

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